Where to buy Offset Smokers? A Complete Guide

Let us have some information about the offset smokers first, a basic introduction, method to use, designs, renowned brands, where to buy Offset Smokers? Authentic sites to buy the offset smokers of your choice. 

To know all the necessary information, keep reading the article.

Introduction to an Offset Smoker:

Introduction to an Offset Smoker:

It is a barbeque smoker that has a cooking chamber either horizontal or in some cases, it is vertical. The main thing that differentiates the offset smokers from all other smokers is the firebox which is present on one side of the smoker. The offset smokers are specially designed to provide both types of cooking styles that is slow cooking as well as high-flame cooking. The food cooked on slow flame is perfectly cooked and turns out more delish than the other way. So, this is why customers prefer an offset smoker rather than a regular barbeque smoker.

Power Source of an Offset Smoker:

Power Source of an Offset Smoker:

There are many different types of Offset Smokers and their mode of power source, as well as fuel type, are different from one another. All the types are listed below:

  1. Charcoal Offset Smokers – uses charcoal as fuel.
  2. Pellet Offset Smoker – uses wood pellets as fuel.
  3. Digital Offset Smoker – uses electricity as fuel.
  4. Wood Offset Smokers – uses wood fire as fuel.

Renowned Brands of the Offset Smokers:

Renowned Brands of the Offset Smokers:

There are many brands that have started making offset smokers since they are more in demand than regular barbeque smokers. Most of them are not reliable or durable. But here is a list of the most famous and trustworthy brands of offset smokers. Have a look!

  1. Dyna-Glo Offset Smokers
  2. Oklahoma Joe’s Offset Smokers
  3. Traeger Offset Smokers
  4. Camp Chef Offset Smokers
  5. Z Grills Offset Smokers
  6. Char-Griller Offset Smokers
  7. Bradley Offset Smokers

Why should I invest in an Offset Smoker?  

Why should I invest in an Offset Smoker?

Some people like the smoky flavor that can be infused into the food only by cooking it on an offset smoker. A regular barbeque smoker is unable to perform this function. Some people like the woodfire flavor of the food and that can also be achieved by using an offset smoker. Also, the big-cut meats can only be cooked properly by the use of an offset smoker. They often get undercooked if a regular barbeque smoker is used. The main reason for properly cooked food by an offset smoker is the large fire grates offered by it. They have plenty of space and you can cook on low heat ensures the meat is well-cooked.

Where to buy Offset Smokers?

Where to buy Offset Smokers?

Now the problem arises that which website to trust while buying an offset smoker of your choice. To overcome this problem, we have listed a few trustworthy websites from where you can buy an offset smoker without any issues. These websites are:

  • Amazon.com
  • eBay.com
  • Wayfairgrills.com

All the websites that are mentioned above are reliable. So the answer to where to buy Offset Smokers is here.  Also, they will take responsibility if the package is not delivered on time or if it is damaged by any chance. The plus point is that they deliver their products worldwide so you can order from any region of the world.

Now let us talk about each of these websites in detail individually.


It is a multinational technology company mainly based in America. The main focuses of this company are e-commerce, cloud computing, digital streaming, and artificial intelligence. It is one of the most famous online brands in the world. The headquarters of this company is located in Seattle, Washington, United States. It was founded by Jeff Bezos in July 1994. The yearly revenue of this company is estimated to be 386.1 billion USD as of the year 2021. This company deals with almost all the products that are used by every human being, delivers those products to them in compact and safe packaging, and the deals are amazing. If you want to buy an offset smoker, you can buy it from amazon, it has great deals on many different types and brands of offset smokers.


It is also an American-based e-commerce company that was formerly involved in selling furniture and home goods. At that time, it was known as CSN but now when the name changed, the working style also changed. The company started dealing with more than 14 million different products with the help of approximately 11,000 global suppliers. Out of those 14 million products, offset smokers are one of them. The headquarters of this online company is located in Boston, Massachusetts. The yearly revenue of this company is estimated to be 13.7 billion USD as of the year 2021. The warehouses of this company are located not only in the United States but in other countries including Canada, Germany, Ireland, and Boston. This company deals in five retail websites and these are:

  1. Wayfair site
  2. Joss & Main
  3. All Modern
  4. Birch Lane
  5. Perigold 


It is also an American-based multinational company, but the e-commerce corporation is based in San Jose and California. This company was founded in 1995 but a person named Pierre Omidyar. The headquarters are present in all three countries mentioned before. The website deals in consumer-to-consumer and business-to-consumer sales and the yearly revenue is estimated to be 1.792 billion USD as of the year 2021.

You may rely on any of the above-mentioned multinational trading companies to buy the offset smoker of your choice.

Qualities of a good Offset Smoker:

Qualities of a good Offset Smoker:

These are the things you should consider before buying an offset smoker.

Size of the Offset Smoker:

Before buying, make sure about the size of the offset smoker that you need. If you have a small family of four to five members, you should not spend a huge amount of money on the offset smokers which offer great cooking space because you do not need it. But if you have a large family and you often gather your friends at your place and enjoy grilled and smoked food then definitely invest in a large-sized offset smoker. It will be worth it.

Quality of the Offset Smoker:

If you are interested in buying high-quality offset material, it will cost you a lot of money. Before buying, think about a few things like are you going to use it professionally? If you are going to use it on a professional level, then you should go for a high-quality one but if you just need it to cook for your friends and family then you can opt for a medium quality offset smoker. They also work efficiently for household use.


At this point, we will discuss two things. One is the time duration of the use of offset smokers per day. If you have to use it for continuously many hours, then you should buy an offset smoker which has enameled fire grates that will not rust easily after working for many hours. The second point is about the timer. Some offset smokers have built-in timers. If you are using it for professional purposes, buy an offset smoker that has an excellent working timer. This will help you to avoid your food from burning without supervision. You can work on other things without the tension of keeping a constant eye on your offset smoker.

Usage of the Offset Smoker:

If you are going to mainly use your offset smoker for tours and trips then you should buy an offset smoker that is small in size so that you can easily move it from one place to the other. Also, it must have a cover to protect it from the calamities of the outdoor environment.

Easy To Assemble:

You should definitely know how to assemble an offset smoker as they come in very compact packaging and mostly all the pieces are dissembled. So if you do not have any knowledge about how to assemble those parts, then don’t be afraid to seek help otherwise, you may damage your offset smoker before even using it.

Cover of the Offset Smoker:

Some companies like Amazon offer the covers of offset covers on sale or come with some other deals. Have good research before buying and make sure that you buy the smoker with a cover as it will increase the life of your offset smoker by protecting it from rain, snow, dust, and sunlight.


While buying an offset smoker, do check that it comes with all the required accessories. Sometimes, the manufacturer provides only the cooking surface and outer covering and you have to buy all the remaining accessories yourself later. In this case, you will have to spend more money on the accessories. We have written an extensive guide for you to find the attachments you need for an offset smoker.

Temperature Control:

A good offset smoker must have an efficient temperature control system otherwise, it will be a useless investment. At the point of temperature, two things should be considered. Firstly, the temperature must not fluctuate while cooking or it will cause the burning of the food. Secondly, the temperature provided to the food by the offset smoker must be enough to properly cook the food.

Apart from this if you are interested to know about How To Use And Set Up Offset Smokers then visit our Blog.



In my opinion, make sure that you read all the aspects of the offset smoker that have been mentioned by the company so you will have enough knowledge to make a decision. We have discussed Where to buy Offset Smokers in detail. Before buying, talk to the company that they will be responsible if the parcel got damaged in any way and use an authentic site like Amazon. It has plenty of deals and offers for everyone.

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