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Joe Davidson was the first to introduce the Oklahoma Joe Grills. He saved 2,000 dollars to design and manufacture 12 meat offset smokers. In 1987, people brought up all these offset smokers. He is then ordered to make 100 more offset smokers. Then Joe and his team set up a complete factory to make Oklahoma Joe Grills/Smokers. They made 100,000 offset smokers yearly. He gained fame for his work and renamed his factory BBQ competition all over the country. He began introducing his creations worldwide and gained popularity and success. Today, he and his team create several offset smokers and Oklahoma Joe’s pellet grills to make the food more delicious. This article will teach you all about Where Are Oklahoma Joe Grills Made?

Oklahoma Joe Grills

Oklahoma Joe Grills

Oklahoma Joe’s offers a top collection of offset smokers, pellet grills, charcoal grills, and a full line of related BBQ tools and accessories. When cooking meat for a large family, BBQ party, Oklahoma Joe’s Pellet Grills and offset smokers models are both great options for you.

Oklahoma Joe’s Products

  • Charcoal Grills

These grills give your meat a rich smoky taste. You can experiment with different types of wood to find your choice.

  • Pellet Grills

The pellet grills are designed in such a way that you can use them easily without any hassle. These pellet grills offer you a wide range of temperatures and easily repeatable results.

  • Smokers

Oklahoma Joe’s Smokers gives you different styles of offset smokers. You can easily access these styles. There are many styles available to encounter your needs to become a full cooking master.

  • Fixtures

You can find everything you need to get the most out of your Oklahoma Joe’s grill, such as ingredients, grill tools, and wooden pellets.

What Are Oklahoma Joe’s Pellet Grills?

What Are Oklahoma Joe’s Pellet Grills?

Oklahoma Joe’s Pellet Grills work like an offset smoker. An Oklahoma Joe’s Pellet Grills is also a smoker that runs on wooden pallets. Oklahoma Joe’s Pellet Grills design is similar to a traditional offset smoker. These pellet grills run on natural fuels just like traditional smokers. The only difference is that Oklahoma Joe’s Pellet Grills use natural fuels in the form of pellets, which are considered easier to use than charcoal or other pieces of wood. These pellet grills are amazingly flexible.

In Oklahoma Joe’s Pellet Grills, a motorized cork screw called an auger feeds the fire pot with the right amount of wood pellets during loading. As soon as you insert the pellets into the fire pot, they come in contact with the ignition rod. This rod sets these pellets on fire. There is also an intake fan under the fire pot. This fan blows air into the smoker. Thus, make sure that the fire is always burning so that the temperature is evenly distributed inside the grill.

What Is An Offset Smoker?

What Is An Offset Smoker?

An offset smoker is a typical type of smoker for smoking your meat. Different types of offset smokers are used, including barrel smokers, stick smokers, and horizontal smokers.

It doesn’t matter what type of offset smoker you are going to use. All types of offset smokers are designed in such a way that they contain two chambers, one is the main chamber and the other is the firebox. The main chamber is the part where you place your food. The second chamber, called the firebox, is located in a separate chamber and is connected to the main chamber.

Offset smokers work on fairly simple principles. To start cooking on an offset smoker, you will first light a fire inside the firebox. As the fire inside the firebox becomes lighter, it will start to produce smoke inside the firebox. Different types of fuel can be used inside the firebox for the purpose of producing smoke. The fuel can be mixture of charcoal with wood chunks, pure wood, charcoal and pieces of wood. The most commonly used fuel inside a firebox is a mixture of charcoal with pieces of wood. This mixture is preferred because of providing a constant flow of heat and smoke.

As the fire is lit, the smoke and heat flow from the firebox, from the main chamber where your food is placed for cooking, and then out from the chimneys. To control the internal temperature of an offset smoker and airflow, there are always dampers inside an offset smoker.

Oklahoma Joe’s Pellet Grills Vs. Offset Smoker

Oklahoma Joe’s Pellet Grills Vs. Offset Smoker

Oklahoma Joe’s Pellet Grills and Offset Smokers are two different types of BBQs that offer something different depending on the source of fuel, the taste of your food, and the way you cook. Many people think that both of them (Oklahoma Joe’s Pellet Grills and Offset Smokers) do the same basic work. But they work differently, not in the same way.

Oklahoma Joe’s Pellet Grills:

These grills offer the flexibility to cook your food in various different ways. Oklahoma Joe’s Pellet Grills are available to cook with charcoal, gas, and electric power sources. The pellet grills powered by charcoal are generally preferred to electric grill models as they give better flavoring to your food. You can use these pellet grills to cook meat or any other food directly (by placing your food directly on the open fire) or on indirect heat (by placing your food near the open flame). Indirect heat is preferred because using indirect heat you can cook your food evenly with thick cuts according to the low and slow principle.

Another type of grilling called infrared has gained popularity. With infrared grilling, the heat source is made entirely of infrared technology. Many people have started investing these types of grills because they can produce much faster temperatures than normal grills. For example, they can reach 700 0F in about 7 minutes. With these grills, not only do you have the flexibility to cook your meals with different techniques, but your food will be ready to eat in no time.

Offset Smokers

Offset smokers use real smoke for your cooking. Different types of smokers are accessible. These include electric smokers, charcoal, wood, or gas smokers. Electronic offset smokers are very easy to use and require less time to smoke your meat. These offset smokers use indirect heat. It works through a mixture of the water basin and wooden chip basin which is placed in the bottom of the smoker. Water helps to maintain the internal temperature while wood chips give your food a smoky taste and also produce smoke.

Oklahoma Joe’s Pellet Grills vs. Offset Smoker

PropertiesOklahoma Joe’s Pellet GrillsOffset Smoker
  Cooking methods  Smoking, grilling  Smoking, grilling, roasting, baking
  Fuel type  Wood pellets  Charcoal and wood
  Price range  $500 – $2000+  $100 – $2000+
  Power outlet required  Yes  No

·         Cooking Style

Each model works differently. Different models cook your food differently and give your food different flavors. Oklahoma Joe’s Pellet Grills work similar to convection ovens. This grill makes your food tasty and juicy. Food cooked on a pellet grill gives you a less smoky taste than offset smoker. Offset BBQ burns meat in a horizontal plane with charcoal and wood to give it smoke, so it is ahead of slow-cooked meat at low temperatures. This model prepares meat with an old-style BBQ flavor. It is smoky and juicy and feels softer than meat from the pellet grill.

Some pellet grills are not double-sided, making high temperatures difficult. However, offset smokers don’t have this problem, since they can add grates and grills directly to the firebox.

·         Flavors

Offset smokers and Oklahoma Joe’s Pellet Grills use the same level of smoke and give your food almost the same level of taste. Both smokers use different types of fuel. In offset smokers, chunks of wood are used to create smoke inside the smoker. While the Oklahoma Joe’s Pellet Grills run on wooden pellets. Offset smokers produce smoke depending on many external factors, such as the weather and wind speed. It takes a lot of skill and accuracy to get it right. If you do this incorrectly and produce a lot of smoke, the construction of the creosote can result in a bitter taste in your food.

Oklahoma Joe’s Pellet Grills, on the other hand, always maintain a constant level of smoke inside the grill. All you have to do is to choose the temperature range that you want. In addition, Z Grills’ pellet smokers offer a consistent thin blue smoke setting, providing excellent taste results.

·         Temperature

Oklahoma Joe’s Pellet Grills have an automated temperature system. You can adjust the temperature in pellet grills according to your own choice. In these grills, you did not even need to check the temperature inside the smoker after regular intervals, as is the case with an offset smoker.

Oklahoma Joe’s Pellet Grills and offset smokers use different temperature ranges for cooking purposes. Generally, Oklahoma Joe’s Pellet Grills will be too hot to cook at 400 0F or higher. For offset smokers, on the other hand, the temperature range will be much lower between 160 and 300 0F.

·         Fuel Efficiency

Oklahoma Joe’s Pellet Grills use fuel more efficiently than offset smokers. Pellet Grills do not waste fuel due to unnecessary and unexpected internal temperature changes. They always retain heat well. You are not wasting fuel trying to keep them warm enough while cooking.

Offset smokers take longer to cook your food. So, they are less fuel-efficient. You will sometime notice a difference in temperature in the cooking pot, depending on which cut of beef is closest to the firebox. To maintain the internal temperature level, you may need to open the lid regularly after a few hours; this phenomenon can lead to more fuel loss.

·         Affordability & Cost

Running costs for both offset smokers and Oklahoma Joe’s Pellet Grills are relatively high. Oklahoma Joe’s Pellet Grills are less expensive than offset smokers. Features of automatic regulation and convection fan increase their initial values.

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Oklahoma Joe Grills Pros And Cons

Oklahoma Joe Grills Pros And Cons


  • Oklahoma Joe Grills can be controlled easily.
  • Highly versatile.
  • You can broil, braise, smoke, bake, and roast your meat to a high standard.
  • Quickly cook your food.
  • Highly fuel efficient
  • It can be cleaned easily. It can be cleaned easily.
  • These grills cook your food evenly from each side.


  • Electricity is required for cooking food due to its electric motor and LCD screen.
  • You need grill covering to protect it from outside weather.
  • Oklahoma Joe Grills produce less smoky taste in your food.
  • More expensive than offset smokers.

Where Are Oklahoma Joe’s Grills Made?

Where Are Oklahoma Joe’s Grills Made?

If you want to get some Texas-style BBQ at home, Oklahoma Joe’s Grills is the best choice for you.Pit master “Joe Davidson’s” heavy-duty grills have been around for more than 20 years. These grills are constructed using black twelve-gauge oil pipes.

Where Are Oklahoma Joe’s Pellet Grills Made In 2023?

Where Are Oklahoma Joe’s Pellet Grills Made In 2022?

In Stillwater, Oklahoma, the company built a brand new facility and increased its employee count to 150, with the capacity to produce 100,000 Oklahoma Joe’s Pellet Grills/Smokers per year. MAK Grills Wood Pellet Grills, Blaz’n Grill Works, Twin Eagles Pellet Grills, and The “Original” PK Grill & Smoker are some Oklahoma Joe’s Pellet Grills made in USA. The American grill industry no longer manufactures these grills. In 1998, the company was bought by Char-Broil from Joe Davidson.

There are currently five Oklahoma Joe’s Pellet Grills Barbecue locations including;

  • Tulsa
  • Broken Arrow
  • Catoosa
  • Omaha
  • Nebraska

Each restaurant combines slow cooking techniques combined with unique blends of spices and sauces to create a world-class taste.


We have discussed everything about Where Are Oklahoma Joe Grills Made in detail. Oklahoma Joe’s grills work as effectively as an offset smoker. Some people prefer to use Oklahoma Joe Grills while others prefer offset smokers. Both smokers smoke the same amount. Oklahoma Joe Grills are less expensive than offset smokers. A well-built offset smoker costs about ً 800 dollars to 1000 dollars.If you want to prepare meat with a classic brisket and smoky flavor and don’t mind waiting, go for offset smokers. If you prefer a less smoky, more round flavor, choose Oklahoma Joe Grills. Consider these features in mind while buying and choose the model that is best for you and your family.

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