What Is An Offset Smoker? What To Spritz Brisket With While Smoking On Offset Smoker?

Smoking is a method of cooking over a fire. Different cooks use this method to cook meat or anything else. It is used mainly to give food a smoky taste. This article explains how to use offset smokers and how the process works. Also, What To Spritz Brisket With While Smoking On Offset Smoker? 

Offset Smoker

Offset Smoker

An offset smoker is use to do barbecue.  It consists of a flat chamber and a firebox. Any food can be cooked with these smokers. The firebox is designed to provide direct heat for cooking. In these smokers, pieces of wood are used to generate heat for cooking meat or any other food. You can cook on offset smoker by using different methods. One of them is that you can cook in a direct way. In this method, you have to make a charcoal fire directly under the cooking grates. Then grill your food directly on the coal. 

Types Of Offset Smokers

Different types of offset smokers can be used today. Top chefs use a variety of smokers to cook meat. These types include gas smokers, electric smokers, charcoal smokers, wood smokers and many more. You can use any of these types. All of them will make your food delicious. 

How Does Offset Smokers Work?

How Does Offset Smokers Work?

Once you know how to control the temperature inside an offset smoker, you can easily reuse it. Let’s start with how offset smoker works. 

1.      Starting The Offset Smoker

If you are the first to start offset smoker. Clean the smoker with Apple Cider Vinegar or soapy water. Wash it for removing dust particles, grease, or shaving from it. Allow it to dry and then sprinkle vegetable oil inside the cooking chamber. Open all smoker outlets. Light the fire inside the firebox. Light the fire for 30 minutes and open the hole. It is now ready for use. 

2.      Set Two Temperature Probes For Offset Smoker

You can purchase two digital air probes. Insert them into the cooking chamber. To read temperature more accurately, place a probe on each side of the food. You can move or even attach the probe to the grate. Don’t rely on a thermometer made in a smoking cover. This thermometer works to measure the temperature above the grate, not where your food is cooking. 

3.      Vents For Air Intake And Chimneys

As fire requires oxygen, you need to open the vent to let air out of the firebox. Also, open the chimney openings to release smoke from the chimneys. These vents are also called dampers. You can adjust these vents while smoking. Temperature control is also an important step. 

4.      Light A Fireplace Of Smoker

Fill the chimney with charcoal pieces and light them.  Heat the charcoal pieces until they start to shine. This step will take about fifteen minutes. 

5.      Fill The Firebox With Charcoal And Close The Cover

As the pieces of coal become ash and hot, place them in the firebox. It’s your own choice to flavor the food. If you want to give the smoke a taste then add 2-3 pieces of wood. These flavors include apple or any other pine. Close the firebox and cooking chamber. Do not make complete smoke with wood, it will be difficult to organize and maintain. 

6.      Set The Smoker Temperature

Check the chamber temperature after regular intervals. Most people want to set the temperature between 107 0C and 135 0C because they like to cook at that temperature as it is suitable. You will need to carefully close the chamber door when preheating the smoker. 

7.      Arrange Your Meat On Grill Grate

In this step, you have to place your food which you want to cook on the chamber’s grill. You can also keep cold food without bringing it to room temperature. A smoker can absorb the moisture and then cook it. Close the chamber cover. 

8.      Add Coal Pieces To The Firebox To Keep The Fire Going

Use a grill pick over to move ash coals to one side so you can fill the half chimney with new coal pieces. Adding non-lit charcoal pieces to your firebox will keep your smoke warm or high. Check the temperature inside the chamber after a while to regulate it. 

9.      Temperature Increase Inside The Smoker

If the heat inside the smoker is reduced, you will need to add some wooden logs from top to keep it warm. You can also open chimney openings to raise the temperature. You should close all outlets once the temperature is maintained. Carefully open the vent and keep an eye on it. You should keep the vent open for only 2-3 minutes. After that you have to carefully close all the outlets. 

10. Lower Temperature

If you want to lower the temperature inside the chamber, you can also open the chamber cover for a minute. This will rapidly reduce the temperature of the chamber. 

11. Wood Chunks

Keep a few pieces of wood in the chamber for smoking every hour. Do not add wood chips as they generate too much heat. Use hardwood or fruitwood to give your food the best taste. 

12. Rotate Your Food

You have to rotate your food once an hour on the grill. After each hour, just open the chamber cover and rotate your food using tongs. This step is required to cook your food equally from each side. If you are going to cook only one piece of meat, it is necessary to turn it around. It keeps the meat smoky on all sides. 

13. Place Water Pan Inside The Chamber

Adding moisture to the firebox can help to keep your food dry during long smoking sessions. Place a metal rack on top of the coals in the firebox. Fill an aluminum pan with water and place it on the rack. The water will moisten the smoke before it enters the cooking chamber. 

14. Spray To Keep Food Moist

When the food looks dry, spit it out, and spray every 15 minutes until the end of the smoking session. You can add apple juice, water or beer to moisturize the food. 

Why Are Offset Smokers Preferred?

Why Are Offset Smokers Preferred?

Offset smokers are preferred for a number of reasons. Here are some of them: 

  • They give your food an authentic taste.
  • Plenty of food can be cooked on it. 
  • Ideal for easily cutting large meat into small pieces on chamber grating. 
  • Dual chamber makes it easier to add more fuel. 

Offset smokers can be used for all types of cooking. They are used in any type of cooking, such as chicken, carrots, and potatoes, to smoke them. Pizza can also be made with this technique. Pizza made on an offset smoker is more delicious than delivery pizza. These smokers add flavor to your food and make it even more delicious. 

Spritz Brisket

Spritz Brisket

Spritz brisket is a spray. It is usually used around a BBQ. This technique involves dipping the brisket in a liquid with smoke. You can use different ingredients to flavor your food. 

What To Spritz Brisket With While Smoking On Offset Smoker?

Many top BBQ chefs have greatly promoted the spritz brisket method around the world. Surprisingly, the bark prevents overcooking, improving the taste. It also helps to keep moisture in the food. You can keep your brisket juicy and moist by putting a pan of water in your smoker. Then sprinkle it every 30-60 minutes with apple or other pine juice. You can also wrap brisket with butcher paper to keep it moist. 

How Are Briskets Sprayed?

Spritz is an important technique to make your food more palatable and delicious. Several liquids can be added as a spritz. It makes your food moist, juicy, and smoky. There are many spritz liquids that you can use to flavor your food. Spritzing helps keep your food moist and juicy as it is cooked. It also prevents your food from overcooking. When you spray the outer surface of the brisket, you allow it to attract more smoke, which can improve the taste. 

Spritz Mixtures for Flavoring Food

You can use many liquids for moping and spritzing purpose. These liquids include apples, vinegar, beer, broth, stock, BBQ sauce, wine, melted butter, apple juice with cedar vinegar, lemon juice, paprika, salt, black pepper and many more. Mopping and Spritzing are not too different. The only difference is that mopping involves brushing the top of your meat. However, spritzing means adding liquid to your food through a spray bottle. 

Apple Cider Vinegar

It is the most widely used liquid for spritz brisket.  This liquid is made by adding water or alcohol to apple cider vinegar and making a mixture of them. It will make your food delicious. 


Beer helps to brown your food or meat. This color is due to the sugar ingredients in beer. Beer is used as a spritz on brisket. It is a liquid that is high in fructose, and when sprinkled on meat forms a caramelized and crispy crust. 


This is one of the safest options to make brisket. Many other spritzing liquids contain sugars, salts, or acidic compounds. But it’s a spritz with a salty flavor. It is used when you want to make your food neutral, not too salty, or too sweetened. The broth is low in sugar. Therefore, it is beneficial for the neutral taste. 


Butter is one of the most common mopping sauces. It can be used as a thin spray on brisket. To spray on brisket, you can use a spray bottle. To dilute your butter, simply add a small amount of water and it can be easily sprayed with a spraying bottle. 

How Many Times To Spray The Brisket?

How Many Times To Spray The Brisket?

You can just sprinkle brisket with spritz liquid before opening your meal. As while you wrap your food, and then you can’t spray on your brisket. As the meat reaches 150F, if the bark has settled, you can wrap brisket. You will have to spray another time as you wrap your meal. 

Benefits Of Using Offset Smoker

Following are the benefits of using offset smokers; 

  • Because offset smokers use wood and charcoal as fuel. They create a delicious smoky taste in food, especially in BBQ. 
  • It can be used as a grill. This gives you a double benefit. You can also use a grill to cook your food or meat. Grill cooks your food faster than smoking. 
  • Offset smokers do not need electricity.  
  • You can cook the food in bulk at one time. 
  • Because they require wood and charcoal, they are readily available anywhere. 
  • Anyone can run it easily. 

Drawbacks Of Using Offset Smoker

  • Offset smokers need a longer time to cook your food. You have to wait a long time to cook your food properly and evenly from all sides. 
  • Due to the weather, you may face some difficulties. Bad weather conditions such as rain or cold weather are difficult to control. 
  • You need to check your smoking temperature more often every hour. 
  • If the temperature and heat inside the chamber remain the same, it will not be able to cook your food evenly from all sides. 
  • You can’t move them easily, as they are bigger in size. 


This article provides all information about “What to Spritz Brisket with While Smoking on Offset Smoker?”Offset smoking is one of the best techniques to make your meat more delicious. Other foods can also be cooked through it. To flavor your food, you can use many spritzes, such as paprika, apple juice, etc. Spritzing brisket will make your food’s taste unmatchable. 

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