4 Top Rated Competition Offset Smokers 2023

All over the world, smoked meat has been famous and loved for centuries. People compete to make different dishes and delicious tastes of smoked meat worldwide. Have you not yet made the best-smoked meat? You can make the smoked meat at the competition level then. It would be best to buy the top-rated competition offset smoker with great precision and accurate results as they are required to maintain heat retention, production, and distribution. These competition offset smokers are mostly of large size so that they can cook large sizes of meat, and also these are perfectly designed for large families and gatherings.

As you know, before the invention of the refrigerator, preserving the meat was a difficult procedure but was famous. The smoked flavor was famous worldwide, and the practice of storing the meat and the taste of the meat are present in the genes; that’s why the smoky taste is still automatically liked globally. Now people store the meat in the refrigerator, and to get the smoky taste, you cook the meat in offset smokers. To get the best smoky taste, the balance of heat production, retention, and distribution is vital in the production of smoke. As you know, you get the smoky flavor from the wood so that you can enjoy the great taste of your meat and to enjoy BBQ fully always use the right type of wood, which enhances the flavor. There are different types of wood in the market for BBQ. Some wood has natural chemicals, which can be dangerous. Thus try to check the quality and type of wood you can use for your food. The special flavored wood can also be used to get a richer flavor, enhanced aroma and taste. With the use of good quality wood the offset smoker can be easy to clean and prevents the built-up inside the offset smoker, which is also responsible for the taste. All of these are important if you use the offset smoker for the competition.

Our Top Picks

Best Overall: Char-Griller Competition Pro 8125

Best Overall: Char-Griller Competition Pro 8125
  • There is a good space for cooking your food according to your desire as it has the best space and size.
  • There is a front shelf present on which you can put many necessary things while doing BBQ.
  • For maintaining the temperature and heat throughout, the offset smoker has the best temperature gauge.
  • There are dampers, you can adjust and control the smoke in the main cooking area.
  • It is easy to cook, to clean, and great for mobility.

Best Design & Features: Z Grills 550B Top Rated Meat Smoker

Best Design & Features: Z Grills 550B Top Rated Meat Smoker
  • It has the best design, beautiful color, good weight and size. It is easy to move from place to place.
  • There is an induction fan present which helps to stoke the fire.
  • The foldable shelf is present in front of the offset smoker, and you can access the utensils and other necessary items while cooking BBQ.
  • There is the best PID controller, which controls and maintains the heat throughout the main cooking chamber.
  • It is easy to clean, and due to two wheels, you can move it easily without hassle.

Comparison Table

Name Price Cooking Area (Sq In.)
Max Temp
Weight (LB) Fuel Type Key Features

Char-Griller Competition Pro 8125 Check Price 1012 Heavy Gauge Steel 1000 163 Wood Best cooking Space, Thermometer Gauge, Front Shelf of Good Size, Best Dual Dampers, Mesh Cooking Grates, Two Wheels for Best Mobility
Z Grills 550B Top Rated Meat Smoker Check Price 538 Stainless Steel 180 – 450 84 Electric Good Cooking Space, Use of Hard Wood Pellets, Induction Fan to Stoke Fire, Best Digital Controller, Drip Tray, Heavy Duty Terrain Wheels, Foldable Shelf
Cuisinart Offset Smoker Check Price 450 Stainless Steel 300- 475 103.6 Wood 6 in 1 Cooking, All Terrain Wheels, Great Pellet Space, Easy to Use, Grease Bucket Holder, Knob At Firebox, Two Tier Cooking Grates
Dyna-Glo DGO1890BDC-D Offset Smoker Check Price 1890 Stainless Steel 100-350 83 Charcoal/ Wood Built-in Stainless Steel Thermometer Gauge, 6 Adjustable Cooking Grates, Porcelain Enameled Coated Steel Charcoal Chamber, Adjustable Smokestack, Removable Ashtray

4 Top Rated Smokers 2023, You Can Buy

1.      Char-Griller Competition Pro 8125 – Best Temp Control Offset Smoker

Char-Griller Competition Pro 8125 - Best Temp Control Offset Smoker

Char-Griller Competition Pro 8125 is the best one smoker you are looking for. If you are a professional BBQ master and want some change? Then this competition pro is the best solution for you. It has some great features and an amazing cooking space. You can cook your food in different and unique styles. It has a 1012 sq-in of cooking area and a firebox at the side to get the genuine taste. With this large cooking space, you can cook full meat legs, big size briskets, pack of ribs, and yes, chicken can also be cooked in it.

The firebox is of the best design, and you can cook side dishes on it as it has a warming area. This firebox is made of quality steel, and inside it, there is a cooking grate with steel diamond mesh. You can grill some vegetables and fish inside the firebox. You can control the flow of air with the help of side vents. You can open and close these vents for airflow. The air will move towards the main cooking area and then flow out from the smokestack. This flow is controlled through adjustable dampers. If the flow of air is not controlled properly, then the chances of burning your food are high. The food can also be uncooked or burnt from the sides.

This offset smoker is made of a heavy-duty steel gauge, making it long-lasting and durable. It does not rust or damage with time. You need to take proper measurements for its maintenance. There are metal cooking grates; these are also made of good quality metal with the proper powder coating. You can cook your food by placing it on these cooking grates, and it will not destroy the taste of the food. A beautifully attached front shelf lets you place your food and other accessories on it as it has amazing space. You can access cooking tools and other BBQ accessories in no time while cooking. There are S shape hooks present, and you can hang cleaning cloth, tongs, or other utensils on them for your ease.

The best taste comes by properly managing the temperature inside the offset smoker. This offset smoker has a good quality thermometer gauge. You can see the temperature from far with accuracy as it is an analog indicator, so there are fewer chances of errors while reading. It is made of good quality steel and does not get damaged early. It also does not get foggy and gives the best results while cooking. The best thing about this competition smoker grill is its bottom shelf for extra storage. You can put fuel, BBQ utensils, and other necessary items on it. There are two wagon-style wheels, and you can move this offset smoker easily without any difficulty. With good quality steel legs, the offset smoker stays stable while cooking. There are cool-touch handles present on the lids of the offset smoker. There is no need to worry about burning your hands and fingers while cooking. You can cook a great taste of food on this offset smoker and enjoy your gathering. Make new friends and do parties at your home or outside picnic spots.


  • It has the best cooking space, and you can cook various dishes with the best taste and texture.
  • Cool-touch handles give you the ease of opening lids while cooking.
  • Easy to maintain and control the flow of heat and temperature throughout the offset smoker.
  • Thermometer gauges help to maintain the temperature and give accurate results.


  • The lids and sides get damaged due to low-quality temp-resistant paint.
  • It is difficult to clean as there is no place for draining the grease out, and it is expensive to buy.

Final Verdict

Char-Griller Competition Pro 8125 is best to use and handle for both professionals and beginners. I recommend this best-competition smoker as it gives the best-smoked taste and beautiful grill patterns on meat. It is easy to move from one place to another, and yes, you can take it to picnic spots and enjoy the outdoor parties and gatherings. It has amazing design and features which you can enjoy fully.

2.      Z Grills 550B Top Rated Meat Smoker – Rust Proof Offset Smoker 

Z Grills 550B Top Rated Meat Smoker – Rust Proof Offset Smoker 

Z Grills 550 offset smoker is 8 in 1 offset smoker, and it is known for its best quality, design, and amazing features. Many famous offset smokers make delicious, tender, amazing aroma and texture. Some offset smokers are of high prices, and some are within budget but of different quality. You must check the different factors that make them the most demanding and valuable offset smokers. As Z Grills 550 top-rated smoker uses wood pellets so that you can cook a variety of food with amazing flavor of wood. If you want to do BBQ with your family and friends, you can use this offset smoker, and if you want to enjoy your weekend, you can bake some pizza, sear, and roast, braise or smoke the meat. It all depends upon your requirement.

It is not an easy task to get the best smoky flavor from your wood. When you use this offset smoker, you can try to get the best taste. It gives you a similar taste and aroma, just like the regular offset smoker, which uses charcoal, gas, or wood. Try this offset smoker and check the difference in all aspects. Z Grills 550 has an amazing design and there is a firebox at the side of the main cooking chamber. The hardwood pellets are used and loaded into the hopper as this hopper has a good space of 15 pounds for pellets. There is a digital controller that regulates the temperature, and you need to set the temperature in the range of 180 degrees F to 450 degrees F and then wait and enjoy your food. You don’t need to hassle around and recheck the food or frequently add the fuel into the firebox. This offset smoker gives you great ease in maintaining the heat and temperature inside the cooking area. You can even roam around during cooking, relax, sit far away from the offset smoker, or go to your kitchen.

The offset smoker not only cooks tasty food for you but also has an amazing cooking space for you to cook the desired food. It has 538 sq-inches cooking space in the cooking area and you can make good size legs, butts, briskets, whole chicken roast, or grill fish. You can also make some tasty side dishes to enjoy your food. As this offset smoker is of great design, you can easily serve your dishes to four or five people. You want to give some extra height to your cooking area. Yes, you can do this with the help of the upper rack. This rack is removable, making it super easy to give the height when you remove it. An induction fan stokes the fire, and the auger takes the pellets to the firepot. The hot rod is present, which helps to ignite the pellets automatically. With these all features, you can cook according to your desire and taste. An automatic feeding system loads the pellet automatically, and there is no trouble for you to load fuel. The foldable shelf is present in front of the main cooking area. You can put all the needed accessories and BBQ utensils on it, which gives you easy access.

A PID tech maintains the temperature throughout your cooking to get the best possible results every time. The best high-quality steel is used to build this offset smoker and coated with the high temp resistance material, making it durable and long-lasting. It does not get damage with a single or twice use. The material is also water-resistant, and it does not rust or damage due to weather and other climatic changes. You and your family can enjoy cooking using this offset smoker for years. There is a smokestack that helps to maintain the heat and smoke in the cooking area. It has low weight, and with the help of two terrain wheels, you can move it from one place to another. This offset smoker is really easy to clean as a dripping bucket is attached at the side. The grease flows out through this drain into the bucket, and you can clean it easily. This offset smoker has an electric cord through which you need to set the temperature and start cooking your food for about 20 hours. You don’t need to stick to your offset smoker all time.


  • With the help of a foldable shelf, you can access the accessories in no time.
  • There are rust-proof covers and racks in the offset smoker.
  • It is super versatile and has a good temperature range to make your food tasty.
  • Wood pellets are used for long cooking hours.


  • No proper seals are used to avoid the leakage of heat and smoke while cooking.
  • There are no cool-touch handles and extra storage areas for your utensils and fuel.

Final Verdict

Z Grills 550 offset smoker is an amazing offset smoker with great cooking space and the best temperature control. I recommend this offset smoker to beginners. It is easy to handle, clean, and move from place to place. There are great features through which you can get great results with every use. This offset smoker is made of high-quality steel, durable and long-lasting material. You can cook food for hours without hassle.

3.      Cuisinart Offset Smoker – Wood Pellet Top Rated Offset Smoker 

Cuisinart Offset Smoker – Wood Pellet Top Rated Offset Smoker 

Cuisinart offset smoker is known for its unique portable design, beautiful color with amazing features. As everyone looks for the best features and great results, and to get the required results, you need to use the offset smoker according to the required directions. If you want great tasty food, then use different flavored pellets. There are numerous pellets with various woods, including fruit plants (cherry, maple, apple, etc.). There is a firebox, and it has amazing features, such as a knob that you can turn on to start the fire with the control of temperature. You can also infuse the flavor of different types of wood by using as fuel source into your food. With Cuisineart offset smoker, you can make some delicious flavor meat and can enjoy BBQ with your friends and family. It has the best temperature control with the most accurate measurement. Adjust the knob to set the temperature, and you can cook the food according to your need, slow, fast, or hot. A thermostat works and maintains the heat automatically, there is an LED display for the temperature, and you can add the pellets when needed.

If you are not feeling comfortable, add fuel, again and again, to control the heat inside the hopper; you should buy this offset smoker as it has a unique system for adding fuel that is easy to use. There is a good system for wood pellets, and you don’t need to add pellets frequently. In this system, you need to set the temperature. With the setting of low temperature, the pellets are allowed to smolder, and it will produce smoke. It will automatically load the pellets by deciding how much is needed to maintain the heat inside the offset smoker and manage them accordingly. You can add 15lb of the pellet into the hopper. This offset smoker is versatile as it has 6 in 1 cooking style. You can roast, grill, bake, braise, roast, or smoke. It depends on what you want to cook. If you want a burger or steak party with your friends and family, or you want to smoke the briskets or bake pizza, this offset smoker is the best option. You can cook a variety of food such as chicken, fish, vegetables, beef, pork buts, ribs, or you want to bake biscuits on this offset smoker, thus you can make all these delicious dishes without the hassle.

You are worried about the quality of the material, then don’t be worry. This offset smoker is made of good quality stainless steel with an amazing cooking space of 450 sq inches. The steel does not get damaged. This is a great space for cooking as two-tier cooking grates help to cook a large quantity of food. There are also foldable shelves, use this shelf for putting sauces, BBQ tools, spices, or other accessories. These are all things you need that can easily be access while barbequing. There is a space for a bucket to remove the grease. This bucket holder is amazing, you will put the bucket in this holder, and the hot grease will drain into this bucket. The offset smoker will remain clean, making it easy to handle. Mostly the drain cup is present at the bottom or under the cooking area, but in this grease drain system, the bucket can be attached to the lower side of the cooking chamber. 

There are amazing cooking tools or utensils that you can use to cook food and make things easier for you, including a multi-tool thermometer, BBQ basket, seven-piece BBQ kit, and torch light. These all accessories are used while doing BBQ to get the best results. There is also a smokestack that controls the heat flow inside the cooking chamber to get the best taste and texture. The best thing I like the most is the terrain wheels used to move this offset smoker from one place to another. There are stable handles that make it easy for grilling. This low weight and small size offset smoker is best for small parties, and you can put it in your backyard, garden, or outside. This offset smoker is best for entertaining your gatherings to make your parties the most memorable day.


  • It is easy to use and handle, just like an oven present in your kitchen.
  • You can create your own flavor by mixing two or more different types of wood pellets.
  • Foldable shelves present in front of the offset smoker and at the side makes a good space for placing the utensils or other BBQ tools.
  • There is a great temperature setting system and loading of fuel into the hopper.


  • You need to wait for a little so that you cannot get the worst results in BBQ taste.
  • No bottom grate is present for extra storage.

Final Verdict

Cuisinart offset smoker is best for those who want to cook food with ease, and I recommend this top rated offset smoker as it is best to use and handle. It has an amazing cooking space, you can cook a large quantity of food for your friends and family. The best thing is that it is easy to clean and has amazing portability. You can enjoy amazing features by using it.

4.      Dyna-Glo DGO1890BDC-D Offset Smoker – Adjustable Grates Top Rated Smoker

Dyna-Glo DGO1890BDC-D Offset Smoker – Adjustable Grates Top Rated Smoker

Dyna-Glo DGO1890BDC-D offset smoker is the best competition vertical smoker. Want to become an impressive chef among your friends, family, and neighbors? Then this Dyna-Glo offset smoker is best for you. You want to celebrate some event with this offset smoker,then it has amazing design and features. By using this offset smoker, you can get amazing flavorful food. You can cook different meat such as brisket, ribs, chicken, fish, or other meat.

There are six adjustable cooking grates, you can cook various sizes of meat and some side dishes. It has 1890 sq-inches of cooking area in the main vertical chamber. If you want to cook the whole leg, you can adjust the size of the grates according to the size of the leg. You can also cook brisket and a whole chicken in it. There is a cooking space of 25 pounds of the capacity for each grate. There is a firebox at the side of the vertical chamber. You can add the fuel easily into the firebox, as there is a charcoal chamber. This charcoal chamber is made of steel and porcelain-enameled. You can add charcoal to this chamber, and it keeps the briquettes stacked, which helps to improve the burning efficiency. It does not damage the firebox base and is easy to add fuel by sliding the chamber out.

The best heat control gives the best taste and aroma to your food, and for that, you need to manage the heat flow in the main cooking chamber. The heat from the firebox moves out towards the main vertical chamber and starts moving up towards the smokestack. It has an indirect heat flow, and it is best for simmering food, thus the smoke flavor is fully infused into the BBQ. It has the best system for cleaning the ash; you can slide the grate out of the charcoal chamber. There is an ashtray present inside the firebox made of steel, which is removable from the firebox, and the ash can be removed from it. It can hold a large amount of ash for hours, and you can remove the ash from it after finishing the cooking.

The heat rises naturally in this vertical design body, which is best for great efficiency and the best smoky flavor. If you want to cook your food with great precision level, you must control the heat flow throughout the offset smoker, as it has an adjustable smokestack flue, you can adjust it with ease to control the flow of air and temperature. Temperature control is essential to get a great taste, aromatic and tender meat.

You cannot only control the temperature with the heat flow system but also a  best temperature gauge is important. It has the best thermometer, and you can read the temperature with the best precision level. It is made of stainless steel material and mounted on the lid of the main cooking chamber. It is best for infusing the smoke into the food by measuring the temperature accurately. There are different zones present on it so that you can cook food perfectly with it. Due to its low weight, you can easily take it anywhere and enjoy cooking your food with great output. The best feature I like the most is the S shape hooks inside the main cooking area. They are present inside it, which helps you easily hang up the food or sausages and cook them. It also increased the space inside the cooking area. Hang the food and cook it according to your requirement.


  • Multiple S-shaped hooks are present inside the cooking area to hang the sausages and other food items.
  • There are adjustable cooking grates to increase or decrease the size.
  • A removable ashtray is present inside the firebox.
  • A sliding charcoal/wood chamber is present, and you can slide the chamber to add fuel into it with ease.


  • There is no bottom shelf for extra storage for fuel or other utensils.
  • Some welds are not properly done, and there is a leakage from some sides.

Final Verdict

Dyna-Glo DGO1890BDC-D offset smoker is the offset smoker which has impressive features, and you can cook your food with the best results. I recommend this offset smoker for beginners and also to professionals. It has a good cooking space with great heat flow and temperature control. It has the best temperature gauge; you can maintain the temperature inside the offset smoker.

A Buying Guide for Top Rated Meat Smokers

Many offset smokers are available that are of good quality and give amazing results. They have amazing features and are of different sizes. Some are big that are used for big gatherings and business, and some are for small parties and family events. You can also use the competitive BBQ smoker for something else, and you can become the best chef at your home or outside picnic spot. After that, you can be a professional and meet the challenges, and you can achieve great results to take over the world. Many chefs make some delicious food according to their needs and requirements, with their own recipes and the best quality offset smoker.

To achieve the best results, you need to understand the offset smokers completely to select the best one according to your requirement. The best way to select offset smokers is to read the reviews and compare them with the others. Different competition offset smokers use different types of fuel, and they are of different sizes, mostly of large size to cook for more than 4 to 5 people. You can get the best taste by using the best offset smoker. When choosing the offset smoker, you need to check some factors. These factors are essential so that you can get the best possible results.


The most important factor must be checked before buying the top-rated competition offset smoker. It is essential to check the price first, buy the one which must be within the budget. Do not buy the one which is expensive but does not have amazing features and designs.


To buy the best offset smoker, the structure and material are also essential after the affordability. In this step, you must check whether the offset smoker is well constructed with the best quality material, which does not get damaged after first use and does not get rusted or flake the paint. If the material of the offset smoker is not of good quality, then it may be useless after a few times. Also, the proper control of heat and temperature cannot be done due to the leakage of smoke. Do not buy the cheap quality BBQ offset smoker as it can also give a bad taste after few uses. Must check the material properly while buying the best competition offset smoker.

Space & Size:

Top rated BBQ smokers are available in different sizes and spaces but mostly are of large size so that you can cook food for a large number of people. When buying the best one, you must check the cooking area that must be of a good size to cook a variety of food with ease and large size. You can also cook different types of food in large quantities to achieve the best results. Mostly the competition offset smokers are more than 400 sq inches, and some are tailor mounted. You can easily use them for your competition and become a famous cook.

Weight & Portability:

This is also the most important factor to check while buying the offset smoker. If you want to buy the regular one, then you can buy low weight offset smoker for your daily use. If you want to buy the offset smoker for your business and the competition, then buy the one of high weight, so you can cook your food in the best possible way without hassle. Many offset smokers are of different weights, and due to their weight, the portability is also amazing. If the offset smokers are of big size, they can be connected with your vehicle and easy to move from place to place even if you can take them out of the city for big competitions. With these big offset smokers, you can become the perfect cook with the amazing taste and can cook a variety of food.


A thermometer is the most important factor to check while buying the top-rated competition offset smoker. Offset smokers need to maintain the temperature while cooking food to get the best results, and it is essential. There are many temperature gauges available that you can buy to maintain the temperature so that your food does not burn. Some temperature gauges are mounted on the lid of the offset smoker, and some can be replaced if the thermometer is not working properly. You must check the thermometer, that it is mounted properly, of what material it is made of, It does not get foggy, and also check that it is waterproof or not. All these things must be checked while buying; otherwise, they get damaged, and you need to replace it. There are different zones present on the thermometer, with the help of which you can read the temperature with ease with fewer errors. The best digital control system is present in some offset smokers. You don’t need to stick to it while cooking your food. You need to set the temperature and wait for some time, so you get the best results with perfect taste and aroma. Also, check the face of the temperature gauge. It must be readable, i.e, you can read the temperature from far. Never forget to check this gauge while buying the best offset smoker.


There are many top-rated competition offset smokers present at affordable and high prices. These prices vary due to their size, features and design. Some offset smokers are made of low-quality material, and they need proper maintenance. If you are selecting the offset smoker for competition, you must read the reviews and feedback to buy the best one according to your requirements. To get the best taste and aroma, you need to use the best flavored wood. These types of wood can be used in all types of offset smokers. Also, check the necessary factors if you want to buy the best one.

  • To get amazing results, I recommend Char-Griller Competition Pro 8125. This offset smoker has amazing features with pretty style and color. This is famous for its durability and affordability, and you can cook your food in different styles. The cook can use the best recipes with this offset smoker to achieve the best flavor. It is easy to cook and clean. You can also take it anywhere outside or in the backyard. You can enjoy doing a BBQ with your family and gatherings.
  • If you are looking for the best design and features to cook your food with the best results, Z Grills 550B is the best. I recommend this offset smoker because it uses wood pallets and less fuel while cooking. It also has amazing features that give your food the full flavor within time. There are less chances of burning your food because it has the best controller, which controls the heat hand temperature in the cooking area. It has the best temp-resistant material, which makes it long-lasting and reliable. 

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