Some Best Methods of Horizontal And Vertical Offset Smoker Mods

Are you looking at the modification of best and cheap offset smokers and have not found the correct information? Check the review on the best and easy modifications for offset smokers. We will discuss every step in detail. An offset smoker consists of a horizontal and vertical placed chamber and a firebox attached to one side.

It is used for slow cooking and helps to cook delicious food. Here we will discuss the issue we face in the cooking process. After discussing the issues, we will learn to modify these issues to enjoy the best BBQ.

Overall modifications of some cheap offset smoker

Overall modifications of some cheap offset smoker

 Various issues can occur when you use offset smokers for a long time, although most smokers have the best features. Here we will discuss all the issues and their modification to enjoy better BBQ.

  • Loss of heat
  • Default in wheels
  • Temperature control
  • Space between different body parts

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Loss of heat

Loss of heat

 The dropping of heat during cooking is due to the material from which the body is made. The thin steel body of material cannot sustain heat for long hours of cooking. It will lose heat, and the body warms up quickly from the outside.


The procedure of heat loss is reduced by adding the tuning plates. Tuning plates are made up of steel placed at the bottom part of the body and perform many functions simultaneously. These plates are used to circulate heat from one chamber to another. Once you transfer heat to another chamber, you can place the plates on another site by checking the temperature difference.

Tuning plates act as an absorber of heat. It will sustain heat inside the chamber for the whole cooking process. Heat will emerge only in the case of the opening lid of the chamber. It will help to rebound the heat inside the chamber and you can do your cooking in a short time. These are the best modifications that will help in the cooking process in case of cheap offset smokers having thin steel bodies.

In a cold climate, you can use a blanket to cover the smoker’s body. It will help retain the temperature inside the body even in disturbed weather conditions. I used a welding blanket and got an excellent result. It helped to keep the temperature inside the body when the temperature turned cold. It is a vital part of our BBQ session because in case of thin metal temperature drops and cooking process can create difficulty for the clients.

Default in wheels

Default in wheels

The wheels are attached to the legs of the smoker. It helps to withstand the smoker during the cooking process and provides a facility for moving it from one place to another. Some of the cheap smokers have large wheels, which show good results in the cooking process when we do not move them. In the case of movement, wheels show inappropriate results, because of which the client claims about the smoker. 


Sometimes the fault in smokers disappoints the client. You can make modifications to feel happy and to enjoy a better BBQ session. You can buy a new set of wheels to move it quickly from one place to another. I bought a new set of wheels to make my smoker easily moveable around. These wheels are made up of rubber and air-filled. You will feel easy access to moving it on any type of floor except the rough surfaces. These wheels fit my smoker. I will want to add that you should use a spacer brush to fit it.

Temperature control

Temperature control

Our offset smoker sometimes has measurement errors and loses temperature control. This act frustrates us in cooking. The loss in temperature is due to leakage of heat or air. It will take a long time in the cooking process, and also, you will not get juicy and tender meat. To control the temperature in your cheap offset smoker, you should make some modifications.

It is challenging to keep a constant temperature inside the cooking chamber of a cheap firebox. The amount of smooth airflow controls the chamber’s temperature, but the temperature will drop in case of uncontrolled airflow. To control the chamber’s temperature, you should remove all the gaps between two surfaces, a significant source of uncontrolled airflow.


To control the temperature from dropping, you should seal your offset smoker. I used a silicone sealant to seal every part of the smoker, which showed good results. It also helps to keep the temperature inside the chamber. I seal the smoker with a red sealant which shows the best outcome even at 600F. I recommend this best sealant for your smoker to control the amount of heat.

 The most important thing is to sealant the firebox door, which is a big source of dropping in temperature. I used the best sealant material to seal the firebox. The sealing of the firebox door prevents the heat from evolving and makes a safe cooking session. A charcoal basket is an essential part of controlling the temperature inside the cooking chamber.

 It helps to keep the temperature of coals constant. I used a very simple and pretty charcoal basket which helped a lot in the quick cooking process. It is made up of expanded metal sheets that resist temperature dropping. I used a very large-size high-quality charcoal basket which helped me also. It prevents the temperature from leaking out and makes my cooking process quick.

Space between different body parts

Space between different body parts

Many areas in the constructed body of an offset smoker have gaps between them. The gap causes to loss of heat and temperature during the cooking process. Due to the gap between different components, the cooking process will take time, and clients will get disappointed by smokers. We should reduce the gap between components to get the best BBQ session. The gap between components is just a construction fault quickly resolved by some modifications.


First, we should seal the door of the cooking chamber, which is helpful in losing temperature and heat. Offset smokers having large cooking chambers having fit issues between the door of the cooking chamber and the barrel. This issue is caused by loading of a large amount of fuel into the firebox and takes a long time for cooking. The temperature does not remain the same inside chamber by constant leakage. It happens due to a gap between body parts.

I used a Black Nomex material to seal the door of the chamber, which shows perfect results in maintaining the temperature. Its dimensions are 1/8 x 1/2 x 15 feet. Cover the cooking barrel with this sealing material; you will find an excellent outcome. After sealing, you can see by raising the temperature. I raised the temperature to 800F, and it showed promising results and maintained temperature and heat in well mannered.

To seal the chamber door tightly, you should also use a clamp and sealing. The addition of a toggle clamp helps tighten the parts of the smoker very well and cooks food in a short time.

We will now discuss the issues and modifications of two offset smokers in detail mentioned below;

Char-Griller Smoking Pro Modifications

Char-Griller Smoking Pro Modifications

We will talk about the first and best modification you can make to Char-Griller offset smokers to make it work well. You can modify these by very little money. I made modifications to the smoker for only $20, and it cooks well. These offset smoker Mods are great for any similar offset smoker.

First, we will discuss the issues why we need modifications. Almost every offset smoker has to face similar issues except for a few changes. We will discuss the issues of Char Giller offset smokers and then learn to eliminate them.

  • Error in thermometer.
  • Difficult to sustain a constant amount of smoke.
  • The significant temperature difference between the two edges of the chamber.
  • The fault of thermometer at high temperature.
  • Leakage issues in the firebox.
  • Paint issues.

These are the issues we have to face in char Griller offset smoker. Now we will discuss the reasons for these issues and their possible modifications.

Errors in thermometer and its modifications

Our offset smokers usually do not come with a good thermometer attached to the body, due to which we feels confused in measurement. Another issue is that mostly a single thermometer is attached to the body of offset smokers. It is hard to measure the temperature of the overall body of a smoker by a single device. And so, we feel difficulty in measuring, and food can be burnt due to this significant issue. The client often claims about the fault measurement of the thermometer.

This issue must be resolved because it will lose our trust from smoking food and disturb our BBQ session. There should be almost two thermometers attached to the body of the smoker. If one thermometer shows a measurement error, you can check the temperature by using another thermometer.

If your thermometer shows a measurement error, you should buy another thermometer. Always give priority to high-quality thermometers. You can also purchase them online. There are different types of high-quality thermometers that you can use. I mostly use three to four high-quality thermometers like GasSaf 3, YOTOO, DEWALT Socket Set, and DEWALT Titanium Drill Bit Set.

  • These are high-quality temperature gauge that measures the correct temperature reading. They quickly measure the temperature from 100F to 500F. They are made up of stainless steel and are a good helper in measuring time. These thermometers are not only best for measuring temperature but also for controlling the smoke. It is friendly and convenient to use for anyone.

Difficult to sustain a constant amount of smoke, and its modifications

Some smokers cannot control the amount of smoke which can disturb the flavor and taste of food. Due to an uncontrolled amount of smoke, tasteless food can cook. The beginners have no idea about controlling the smoke; they unintentionally add the fuel to the smoker. Due to imbalanced fuel in the firebox, the smoke can be uncontrolled. The smoke can be hard to maintain in case of leakage or a gap between the joints of smokers.

To eliminate the issue of maintaining smoke, you should take a proper guide to add fuel into the firebox. The firebox should equally throw smoke into the chamber to cook the delicious food. You should add the fuel into the firebox by considering its capacity. Another method of maintaining the smoke is to seal the spaced joints of the smoker. You should use high-quality material to seal it.

Before sealant, you should keep in mind some steps;

  • Wash all the body parts of the smoker because most companies use chemicals in the construction process. So it would be best if you used soap to wash all the body parts. Remember that you should wash carefully because body parts can be damaged in a careless action.

The significant temperature difference between the two edges of the chamber and its modifications

Sometimes char griller shows a significant fault in temperature circulation in the whole chamber. The temperature of one edge is different from the other. It creates a big issue in cooking food. By increasing the temperature, the food on one side is cooked and near to burn, while on the other side, it remains undercooking. Clients always claim about the issue. They do not have proper guidance to resolve the issue.

The issue can create difficulty for beginners. The leakage of heat from one side is a big reason. The part of the cooking chamber near the firebox is heated quickly, and other edges remain cold in a leaking issue. This issue can be resolved by doing some modifications. The equal circulation of heat inside the chamber requires modifications like using water bowl and baffle plates. To make your own baffle plates, you should keep in mind some steps;

  • Separate the cooking grates from the smoker’s body.
  • Use a silicone sealant to seal the cooking chamber and firebox carefully. This will helps to prevent the heat from leaking.
  • Take two metal sheets and cut them into the same pieces. Bend these pieces near the hole of the firebox. It will act as your own baffle plates.
  • Take a bowl of water.
  • Take three bricks and cover both sides with a metal sheet. Place it into the cooking chamber.

Fault in the thermometer at high temperature and its modifications

We face many difficulties in the measurement of temperature as well as the stucking of temperature at a high level. Due to this issue, your food can burnt, and you feel difficulty in cooking. The client often feels hesitation in cooking or increasing the temperature. It is a big issue that can destroy our BBQ session.

You can resolve the issue with some modifications. The high-temperature issue can burn not only our food but also damage the smoker’s body. I used a three-inch aluminum pipe to control the high temperature. What can you do with it? We are discussing some steps to control the temperature by using the aluminum pipe.

  • Clean the smoke exit portion, which is placed on the opposite side of the firebox.
  • Cut the small portion of the pipe about 1 inch, and seal it with a rubber sheet.
  • Now attach it with the smoke exit area. It will help control the high temperature inside by drawing out the excess temperature.

Leakage issues in the firebox and their modifications

The body of the char griller is made up of a thin metal sheet that can quickly exit the amount of smoke and heat. The thin steel body is a quick warm-up that can create issues for the chef in touching the surface of the smoker. The smoker’s body does not contain sealant, which can cause the issue.

You can resolve the issue by several methods. Use a gasket sealant to seal the door of the firebox. Before sealant, clean the walls from inside and outside so that sealant material sticks to the wall for a long time.

Paint issues and their modifications

When using an offset smoker for a long time, we can face paint issues. It occurs due to careless behavior or in the case of constantly high temperatures. We can solve these issues with some changes. We should take care of the smoker after cooking. Always cover it with a blanket.

 Please do not use it in rain or disturbed weather condition without covering. If some part of the body is damaged, you should spray it. It would be best if you used a high-quality spray so that you cannot face this issue again. Spray the damaged part of the smoker and then let it dry in the sun. After drying, respray it for good results.

Best modification of Dyna Glo offset smoker

Best modification of Dyna Glo offset smoker

There are different issues that we can face while using Dyna Glo offset smoker. Below are some of the serious issues.

  • Overheating
  • Temperature fluctuations
  • Smoke leakage

We will discuss the reason and solution to these issues one by one;

Overheating and its mods

Dyna Glo is a vertical offset smoker that helps to cook food quickly compared to horizontal offset smokers. Its vertical size circulates equal heat to the chamber, but sometimes we have to face some difficulties. Overheating occurs due to the improper loading of fuel into the firebox. Sometimes, we load a large amount of fuel into the firebox, due to which we face many difficulties. We cannot lower the temperature during cooking and cooking burnt food.

 This act wastes our time as well as food. You can resolve the issue with some modifications. A high temperature can burn both our food and our smoker’s body. This problem can be solved by taking guidance of including fuel into the firebox. We should add fuel into the firebox according to its capacity. Another method of overheating is to place a water pan into a cooking chamber which will moderate the temperature during the whole cooking process.

Fluctuation in temperature and its modifications

Dyna Glo offset smoker is a vertical size smoker which contains at least 4 to 6 cooking grates. These grates are placed widely to adjust large amounts of food. Sometimes we have to face the fluctuation in measurements. The availability of cheap offset smokers creates issues in measuring. All the smokers have only one thermometer attached to their bodies. When this thermometer show fault in measuring, we feel difficulty in cooking.

 To resolve this issue, you should make some changes to your device. It frustrates us when cooking. It occurs when heat or air escapes from the device. Besides taking a long time to cook, you won’t get juicy and tender meat.

You can make different modifications;

  • Sealing the door or lid will work fine.
  • Wrapping aluminum foil around the cooking grates.
  • Always have water ready.
  • Make sure all joints are sealed.

It would help if you sealed the door of the main cooking chamber, which is a significant source of evolving heat and air. You should use a high-quality sealant material to seal the door. The excellent quality cooking grates help to cook the food for a long time. It would help if you sealed all the cooking grates with aluminum foil, which best controls the temperature for better results. A water pan inside a cooking chamber is responsible for controlling temperature.

In case of high temperature, it absorbs all the excess heat and keeps the temperature moderate. The gap between the joints of Dyna Glo offset smoker causes to drop in temperature. The heat emerges from the part of the smoker, due to which the cooking process will take time. By sealing all the body parts, you can resolve the issue. You should use silicone sealant or aluminum foil to seal all body parts.

Smoke leakage and its modification

Some models of Dyna Glo offset smokers create issues in controlling the amount of smoke which can disturb the BBQ session. If the smoke is not controlled, food may become tasteless. The beginners have no idea about controlling the smoke; they unintentionally add the fuel to the smoker. This issue can be resolved by taking some essential steps. When the body parts are not fitted well, the leakage of smoke can create.

This leakage eliminates all the smoke from the chamber, making smoky food tasteless. The beginners who are unknown about the assembly of smokers face this issue. To solve the issues, keep in mind some steps. Clean the surface of the smoker. Place a silicone sealant on the joint’s surface and hold it till the surface becomes dry.

Apart from this if you are interested to know about DIY Offset Smoker then visited our Blog category.


We concluded that many offset smokers who show faults in measurement due to their body parts could be made better by modifications. We have discussed horizontal and vertical smokers’ modifications and found almost the same issues in the cooking process and discuss offset smoker mods as well. Our offset smokers have different issues like smoke inconsistency, temperature fluctuations, high-temperature fault, bad quality wheels, etc. We can find the solution to every issue quickly and resolve it as well.

Mostly we use a sealing in our offset smokers. The sealing process is done with the best quality aluminum foil and silicone sealant. This sealant material always shows the best result in cooking sessions. One of the essential sections of the best BBQ is to clean your smoker before every modification. It would be best to use a water pan in your offset smoker to enjoy a better BBQ because it helps to control the temperature and excess smoke.

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