What Are Offset Smoker Attachments? A Complete Guide

Are you looking for offset smoker attachments? Do you know which accessories should be attached to a newly bought offset smoker? If you want the answers to these questions then you have come to the right place. Keep reading

Introduction to the Offset Smoker Attachments:

Introduction to the Offset Smoker Attachments:

These are the products that are attached with an offset smoker for efficient working. The list of some of the products that are the basic necessity while using an offset smoker are listed below:

  1. Cuisinart CSB-156 Wood Chip Smoker Box.
  2. Napoleon 67013 Stainless Steel Smoker Box Grill Accessory.
  3. Traeger Grills BBQ Chicken Hanger, Grill Accessories.
  4. Olar Hike Grilling Kit for Offset Smokers.
  5. Traeger Pellet Grills BAC537 BBQ Cleaning Brush Accessory.
  6. Cuisinart CGPR-221 Cast Iron Grill Press.
  7. Traeger BAC380 34 Series Full-Length Smoker And Grill Cover.
  8. Oklahoma Joe’s 3695528R06 Temperature Gauge.
  9. Temp Master Bluetooth BBQ Temperature Smart Controller.
  10. Master Built MB20100613 Insulated Offset Smoker Blanket.

Cuisinart CSB-156 Wood Chip Smoker Box:

Cuisinart CSB-156 Wood Chip Smoker Box:

This smoker box is made by the company Cuisinart which is a well-known brand and makes a lot of good quality products, especially the offset smokers and their accessories. The model name of this accessory is Wood Chip Smoker Box. This smoker box uses wood as a power source. It is metallic in color as well as appearance and weighs only 0.95 pounds. The dimensions of this item are L x W x H is 8.8 x 3.9 x 1.8 inches. The inner material of this smoker box is made up of stainless steel and it uses charcoal as fuel.

When you use this smoker box while you barbeque your food, it will infuse a smoky flavor to it which tastes amazing. It can be used with portable grills as well as with gas and charcoal grills. It is very easy to use and clean. This little smoker box is very helpful as we do not have to create a lot of mess by burning wood to infuse a smoky flavor into the food. We can simply use this smoker box and it is easy to dispose of ashes by using it. The material is very efficient so it can bear high ranges of temperature. If you want it to work more efficiently you can fill it with pre-soaked cedar, hickory, mesquite, or other wood chips.

Napoleon 67013 Stainless Steel Smoker Box Grill Accessory:

Napoleon 67013 Stainless Steel Smoker Box Grill Accessory:

This is another type of smoker box that is manufactured by the brand named Napoleon. It is made up of stainless steel and weighs about 2.45 pounds. The dimensions of this item are L x W x H 2.54 x 16.25 x 3.5 inches. It has a very large capacity to store wood chips or even chunks that can later be used to create a smoky gas that will be infused into your barbeque. This item efficiently replaces the sear plates that were previously used. The quality of this smoker box is very much durable and easy to maintain even in high-temperature ranges. It perfectly fits on the grills of the Prestige and Rogue series.

Traeger Grills BBQ Chicken Hanger, Grill Accessories:

Traeger Grills BBQ Chicken Hanger, Grill Accessories:

This is a very basic necessity if you love to roast or BBQ chicken legs more often. These hangers are made up of sturdy chrome-plated steel material. They are rigid and durable as well for your lifelong comfort. They can hold as many as 12 chicken legs at a time. The dimensions of these hangers are 16 1/2″ L x 6 1/2″ H x 5 1/2″ D. this thing should be precisely noted that they can be used with almost all the offset smokers manufactured by Traeger but they are not compatible with Junior or PTG grill models. Traeger is very much renowned for manufacturing offset smokers along with all the basic and necessary products or accessories like spatulas, tongs, cast iron cookware, and butcher paper. The good thing about these products is that they are a bit expensive but are worth it. 

Olar Hike Grilling Kit for Offset Smokers:

Olar Hike Grilling Kit for Offset Smokers:

This brand has produced a kit of all the necessary accessories and named it a kit for offset smokers. These products are very handy while you work at home, in your kitchen or you go outside camping. There are twenty-five different tools in this kit and all of them are made up of aluminum while the handles are made up of stainless steel and silicone. You can even gift it to your loved ones. It comes in very compact and beautiful packaging and can be used by both genders; males as well as females.

The dimensions of this product are L x W x H 17.32 x 11.81 x 2.75 inches. The products for camping, kitchen, BBQ and utensil gifts included in this kit are listed below:

  1. Meat Injector
  2. Digital Meat Thermometer
  3. Grill Fork
  4. Power Tongs
  5. Slotted Spatula
  6. Kabob Skewers
  7. Corn Holders
  8. All-Purpose Knife
  9. Salt & Pepper Shaker
  10. Silicone Basting Brush
  11. Grill Cleaning Brush
  12. Extra Grill Brush Head
  13. Heat Protective Gloves
  14. Oxford Cloth Storage
  15. Chef’s Spatula

The material is thicker than the products of other brands and the size is great too for handling all types of food. The length of the spatulas is almost 16 inches long which keeps your hand at a safe distance from the heat or flame. The stainless steel does not rust, break, or melt easily so they are durable. They are very easy to clean. You may use warm, soapy water and they become fresh as new. Pro-tip for long-lasting tools is to dry them with a clean cloth and keep them somewhere safe, away from moisture.

Traeger Pellet Grills BAC537 BBQ Cleaning Brush Accessory:

Traeger Pellet Grills BAC537 BBQ Cleaning Brush Accessory:

It is a very necessary product; the cleaning brush. No matter which offset smoker you are using, you have to clean it after use and for this purpose, you should invest in a good quality cleaning brush specially made for offset smokers. Traeger has put a step forward and manufactured a very reliable and good quality cleaning brush with the dimensions of L x W x H 15.75 x 5.91 x 1.22 inches.

The material used in the making of the handle of the brush is stainless steel while the bristles are made up of nylon. Nylon bristles shall not damage the grates but the tip is to use them on cool grates otherwise the bristles will be damaged. It is very efficient in removing burnt stuff off of the grill and removes the dust particles and ashes too. Make sure to use the brush and clean the offset smoker after every use, it will increase the shine and life of your offset smoker.

Cuisinart CGPR-221 Cast Iron Grill Press:

Cuisinart CGPR-221 Cast Iron Grill Press:

The material used in the manufacturing of this product is cast iron so as the name suggested. Cuisinart is the brand behind the manufacturing of this product. It weighs about 2.8 pounds and the dimensions of this cast iron grill press are L x W x H 9.3 x 4.7 x 3.7 inches. The handle of this item is made up of wood which does not heat up easily and in this way; it keeps your hand safe from burning. The handle has a comfortable grip and a stylish touch as well. When you press it on the grilled food, it will remove all the unwanted and excessive oil from the meat leading to healthy grilling. Furthermore, it adds grilled marking on the meat that looks exquisite. They are great for sandwiches too. The sandwiches look very beautiful and all the ingredients are kept inside properly by pressing.

It is very easy to clean and dries quickly after a hand wash. Some other brands use lead for the manufacturing of this product but that is not a better choice. As we all know that iron has a higher melting point than lead so we should not use lead as we are making this product to use on an offset smoker. It is also helpful in cooking the food evenly.

Traeger BAC380 34 Series Full-Length Smoker And Grill Cover:

Traeger BAC380 34 Series Full Length Smoker And Grill Cover:

This offset smoker cover made by the Traeger Brand is on another level. It is an all-rounder and highly capable of protecting your offset smoker and grill at all times no matter the weather conditions. You may put your offset smoker outside with the cover on it the whole year and you will not have to be worried about it getting damaged by any source.

 This offset smoker cover keeps your pellets and grill safe from water damage by keeping them completely dry. It is very easy to put on as well as to remove and fits perfectly on Traeger BAC380 34 series. This cover works best on two models of the Traeger brand; Traeger Texas and Pro 34 grill models.

The dimensions of this offset smoker and grill cover are L x W x H 49 x 22 x 39 inches. This company makes very durable products and they last many years in good condition and are perfect for the protection of grills. The company has put a logo on the cover that makes it very attractive. The weight of this product of Traeger is just 3 pounds and it is manufactured in the US. ASIN number of the cover is B01BH3RTUM and the model number of the item is BAC380. There is also a space inside the offset smoker cover to secure your spatulas, cooking tools, and utensils.

Oklahoma Joe’s 3695528R06 Temperature Gauge:

Oklahoma Joe's 3695528R06 Temperature Gauge:

It is a device in silver color used to detect the temperature of the offset smoker. Oklahoma Joe’s has manufactured this masterpiece. It is capable of detecting the temperature range as high as 550 degrees Fahrenheit. It does not require any type of power source or fuel. You just have to simply attach it to your offset smoker to detect the temperature efficiently. The dimensions of this temperature gauge are L x W x H 4.3 x 4 x 6.8 inches4.3 x 4 x 6.8 inches.

It can easily fit any offset or barbeque smoker that has an opening of 13/16 inches. It is constructed with premium stainless steel and detects the internal temperature of the offset smoker without getting too hot itself. It has a unique feature that tells us which temperature range is good for BBQ and which is better for smoking. It has a cooking style guide in the form of a color code that gives you information about the cooking methods. You do not have to guess the temperature anymore because the digital and big screen of this temperature gauge will tell you the temperature accurately at all times. It also has a glow in the dark feature which is beneficial in light as well as in the darkness of night.

Temp Master Bluetooth BBQ Temperature Smart Controller:

Temp Master Bluetooth BBQ Temperature Smart Controller:

It is also a temperature-checking device but with advanced features. It is very compact but powerful as well. This is a portable device that also allows precise airflow along with measuring the temperature range of the inside of the offset smoker. The brand behind the manufacturing of this useful device is BBQube. It has a big dial that makes the navigation process easier and the temperature adjustment is not a problem anymore.

You can link this device with your mobile phone and adjust the temperature of your offset smoker by sitting at a distance with your mobile phone easily. This feature is of great convenience. You do not have to babysit your offset smoker at all times; just simply adjust the temperature with the linked app on your mobile phone. All you have to do is install the BBQube Temp Master App and pair it with your device via Bluetooth. It will give you a notification if the temperature exceeds the given limit or if the food is ready. The resolution of this device is OLED Display and the EAN number is 0616086766411. The UNSPSC Code of this product is 53000000 while the UPC Code is 616086766411.

Master Built MB20100613 Insulated Offset Smoker Blanket:

Master Built MB20100613 Insulated Offset Smoker Blanket:

This is an important accessory for an offset smoker especially if you use it in winters. The insulator or insulation blanket of the offset smoker will keep the temperature of the inside of the offset smoker steady irrespective of the weather outside. This product that is manufactured by Master Built is black in color and weighs about 3.65 pounds. It comes with the dimensions of L x W x H 16.93 x 22.84 x 41.06 inches. The model name of this product is Insulated Smoker.

This insulation blanket is specially made for digital offset smokers. It works wonders even if the outside temperature is 50 degrees Fahrenheit or even below this temperature range. It will keep the internal environment perfect for smoking, grilling, roasting, barbeque, or whatever the purpose you are using it for by trapping all the heat inside.

You would not need to spend hundreds of dollars to convert your regular burner to a hotter flame one for the winters, simply invest in this insulation blanket and you are good to go. This insulation blanket can maintain a temperature range of as high as 250 degrees Fahrenheit. It also has vents that can easily be opened if needed. The insulator also has handles for control and easy handling.

Buying Guide:

While buying a product you must read the buying guide as it varies with each product so here we will discuss everything separately for all of the attachments.

Smoker Box:

While buying a smoker box make sure that it is resistant to high levels of temperature and it must be made up of solid quality. It should be able to adjust with your offset smoker and infuse a smoky and delightful flavor into the food. You should prefer a metal or stainless steel smoker box.

BBQ Chicken Hanger:

Before buying a chicken hanger, make sure that your offset smoker is able to install it. The size of the BBQ chicken hanger should be in accordance with the size of your offset smoker otherwise it will look weird. The quality and strength of the hangers are important factors to be considered so that they may not fall off when you put on the chicken pieces. If that happens, the paint of the offset smoker will be destroyed too.

Grilling Kit for Offset Smokers:

Some grilling kits have a lot of products that are of professional usage and some of them are only used during camping. If you need a grilling kit then thoroughly read about all the products that it offers and then invest in the one which has all the products you need. Do not waste your money on buying extra products that are of no use to you.

Cleaning Brush:

The bristles of the cleaning brush must be made up of nylon as they will not be harsh on the grills and will clean properly. The handle of the brush should be firm and must offer an easy grip to ensure proper cleaning.

Cast Iron Grill Press:

The size of the cast iron should be enough to cover a regular sized burger and sandwich so when it is put on them, a beautiful mark will appear on the bun or bread. You should prefer the one which has the handle made up of wood so it may not easily warm-up and allows a firm grip.

Smoker And Grill Cover:

You should buy an offset smoker cover that is in accordance with the dimensions of your offset smoker. It may not cover the wheels but should definitely cover the rest of the body. A perfectly fitted cover allows your offset smoker to remain safe from the calamities of the weather.

Temperature Gauge:

In my opinion, invest in a digital temperature gauge rather than a traditional one as the former is more efficient in its working and offers accurate results.

Insulated Offset Smoker Blanket:

Never invest in an insulation blanket if you live in a warm place. Only the offset smokers need an insulated blanket if you live in a cold place where it is impossible for the offset smoker to heat up easily. If you want to buy an insulator then you must keep in mind that it should be of the perfect size, which can fully cover the cooking chamber of your offset smoker otherwise it will be of no use.

Apart from this if you want to know about the Best Offset Smoker Covers then visit our Offset Smoker Accessories category.

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