How to Use Oklahoma Joe Smoker, Step By Step Process

Oklahoma Joe Smoker

Oklahoma Joe Smoker

Oklahoma Joe offset smokers are famous worldwide and they are known for their great features and for generating great taste. Oklahoma Joe has different types of offset smokers that people don’t waste time in buying and start doing BBQ with their friends and family. Are you unhappy with the result of a regular offset smoker? Then use Oklahoma Joe’s offset smoker to achieve the best results. There are different models of Oklahoma Joe’s offset smoker that you can buy and enjoy parties with small or large gatherings. These models are Longhorn, Bandera, and Highland. These models are different in many ways such as their price, design, weight, and features but make the best smoky flavor and grill a variety of food that you want to cook.

Design of Oklahoma Joe’s Longhorn Combo Grill & Offset Smoker

Design of Oklahoma Joe's Longhorn Combo Grill & Offset Smoker

The design and features of the Oklahoma Joe’s Longhorn are known for their structures, cooking space, price, weight, and mobility. By reading Oklahoma Joe’s longhorn combo grill and smoker manual, you can cook a variety of food in simple and easy steps. The food that is used to cook in this offset smoker can be a whole chicken, big meat legs, briskets, seafood for grilling, and some vegetables for side dishes. The longhorn combo and grill has the best cooking space of about 1060 sq- inches.

You can cook big-size meat easily without any hassle in this large cooking space. In the main cooking area, the total cooking surface is 750 sq-inches, with the 6 cooking grates in the cooking chamber. In the firebox of the offset smoker, there is a 310 sq-inches cooking area. The length of this offset smoker is 31.5 inches, a width of 74 inches, and the height is 50.6 inches. The cooking grates are made of strong material and are porcelain-coated, making them strong and durable.

Are you looking for the best flavoured wood? Or do you have no wood splits or charcoal? Then don’t waste time, buy this longhorn combo offset smoker and start grilling in the gas chamber. It has 3 burners with 12000 BTU in the gas chamber. There are multiple adjustable dampers, and the heat is controlled perfectly with great taste. There are also side and bottom shelves for extra storage. The best features of this offset smoker are cool-to-touch handles, 2 mounted temperature gauges on the doors of the cooking chambers, and adjustable dampers to control the heat in the cooking area. The fantastic thing about this offset smoker is its side stove, where you can make your BBQ sauces for serving or you can cook side dishes. You can take this Oklahoma Joe’s offset smoker with you or invite your friends at home to cook food with them or take it outside for small gatherings.

How to Use Oklahoma Joe’s Longhorn Offset Smoker?

How to Use Oklahoma Joe's Longhorn Offset Smoker?

Oklahoma Joe’s offset smokers are built with impressive features. You can buy the Oklahoma Joe’s offset smoker to make BBQ and cook multiple dishes in unique styles by using your own recipe. Beginners, as well as professionals, can use it. The best thing about a longhorn offset smoker is that it has excellent heat control in the cooking chambers. Maintaining the heat in the cooking chamber is done by the built-in thermometer. This temperature gauge is made of good quality material and measures the accurate temperature.

The cooking grates are of cast iron and are present in the cooking chamber. The firebox is present at the side of the offset smoker, which allows the flow of heat. The heat flows from the firebox and then flows through the primary cooking area. Use the offset smoker properly and follow the steps to achieve the best result so that it can be used for years.

Season the Offset Smoker

Season your offset smoker first, as seasoning is the most important step before starting cooking and when you start the offset smoker. Do you know what seasoning is? Seasoning is the procedure in which you burn the fuel at the maximum heat level before cooking in your offset smoker. The unwanted material or dirt will be burned, and it will seal the paint. The dirt/debris comes from the newly manufactured offset smoker. The manufacturer sends without cleaning the oil/dirt. You must clean or wash the newly bought offset smoker if you want the perfect results without damaging the taste.

Do you know how important seasoning is? Seasoning increases the life of the material as offset smokers does not rust or get damaged or break with time. When you start lighting the coal or wood splits, you need to season your offset smoker. Oklahoma Joe’s offset smokers are the best products, and if they lose their quality, then you will not get the same results whenever you use them. For that, you must season the offset smoker. Oklahoma Joe’s offset smokers are made from high-quality steel, and carbon is also used in it. During the production process, the smell and dirt are not cleaned. For seasoning the offset smoker, you should spray the oil first. The oil used can be any type of vegetable oil. This oil spray will also protect the smoker from the other elements and also helps in curing the paint, which will make it long-lasting and it will work for years. After burning the fire, check the color inside the cooking chamber, and it will be a shiny black coating.

Washing of Offset Smoker

Do you want to get smoked flavor/aroma of meat by using Oklahoma Joe’s offset smoker? Then before cooking, must wash the offset smoker thoroughly. As washing is an important step of seasoning the offset smoker and for that, first remove all the dirt, and then give it a wash. Buy the power washer from the market or from any store near your house. Try to wash with a power washer. With the help of a power washer, the internal surfaces are cleaned properly. The excess oil, dirt, and other harmful chemicals are not removed when the offset smokers are built in industries.

So before using the offset smoker, it must be adequately cleaned to achieve great results. While cooking, the harmful substances are produced, and if it is not properly cleaned or washed, the harmful substances will also be infused into the meat, which will damage the taste and quality of food. The unpleasant smell is also emitted due to dust particles and other debris. Ensure to clean the offset smoker from inside and outside, the cooking chamber and firebox.

Cleaning of Cooking Grates

  • After washing the offset smoker entirely from the outside, remove the cooking grates made of cast iron from the cooking area and the firebox and clean them properly.
  • The grates also need the power wash. To clean every part of the cooking grates, you need a wire cleaning brush and scrub. Oil and other debris are removed through scrubbing. The leftover debris is removed from the grates after scrubbing.
  • The dishwashing soap is also used for cleaning. Use the towel to wipe out completely to prevent rusting.
  • Wash the water pan and other accessories and clean them properly for durability.

Building a Good Fire

How to use an offset smoker to get the best results? The best results come from the best heat management. For obtaining the best heat, add fuel into the firebox. Pre-heat the cooking area, and for that, you need to build a fire that must be a high flame as heat is an essential part of making quality smoked food. Many mistakes damage the taste; one of the most common mistakes is the use of cold meat. Avoid using the cold meat as it can dry the meat during cooking, and it may lose its texture and aroma. Add the fuel with the combination of wood splits and charcoal to the firebox. You can add more than 10lbs of fuel into the firebox. Use the chunks or wood splits with a suitable amount to start the fire. Add the additional fuel, which is added about every two hours. To get the fantastic taste and smoky flavor combine the different types of wood. You can select the charcoal with the flavored wood splits. If you want to burn the fuel for a more extended time, then use wood logs as it keeps on burning for a longer time with a steady temperature. To get the great flavor then, burn the fire slowly.

Use of Natural Wood

As you want the best smoke flavor in your meat, you need to add the wood in the firebox to get the desired taste that you are looking for. Always try to use natural wood; it can be in splits or chunks. With the use of wood splits or chips, they will produce smoke which is best for a short time smoking. Using the wood chunks/logs will produce a steady smoke and are best for cooking for a long time. By adding the natural wood, you can give the flavor of wood to the meat. If you want to change the taste of the meat, then for that, use the fruitwood. You can use mesquite wood, apple wood, pecan wood, etc. These are the best type of wood to be used by smokers. If the wood is not selected correctly, it can cause bad taste, damaging the taste of smoked meat also. Some wood generates black smoke that can damage the texture of meat and can change the required taste.

Setting of Temperature & Maintaining Airflow

The most important thing about smoking the meat with an offset smoker is the consistent temperature throughout the cooking procedure. Understand your offset smoker completely. Check every little detail about how to keep the control of heat and temperature. Air intake is vital for a smoky flavor through the opening or closing of the exhaust during cooking. Also, use the quantitative amount of wooden logs. Every food needs a different temperature level, so add the number of wood logs or splits accordingly.

To set the right amount of temperature, check how much heat or smoke is moving throughout the cooking area from the firebox. It is the essential part that affects the tenderness and moisture of the food. Note the temperature. If it gets too high, the meat will be overcooked, or it may also lose its taste. If the temperature is too low, the fat will not be properly cooked.

 Always set the temperature within the range of the offset smoker and according to your meat. The ideal temperature range to cook meat is between 200 degrees F to 250 degrees F. Control and maintain the heat and temperature accordingly to get the best results, and if you open and close the lids frequently, it will also change the results. The offset smoker takes less time to get the proper temperature with hot coals in the firebox. You can use different types of wood like apple, cherry, etc. If you want to eat a much stronger and different flavor, then use Oakwood.

Maintaining the Moisture

The process of smoking meat is easy but maintaining the moisture and tenderness in the meat is due to the control of heat, moisture, and temperature in the offset smoker. If the airflow is not controlled during the process, the meat will lose its flavor. Add a water pan in the cooking area to give moisture to the meat or to make steam in the offset smoker. To keep the moisture in the meat, use foil paper to wrap the meat. It will also not infuse too much smoky taste into the meat, and the meat will not lose its healthy vitamins and minerals.

Cleaning After Cooking

  • Cooking in the offset smoker takes time, and after finishing the BBQ everything burns off and all the charcoal dies out.
  • Cool down everything entirely, and it will take about an hour. Now, you can clean all the dirt and ashes after cooling. If fire is not completely cool down then you may hurt your hands.
  • Once completely cool down, wipe out all the oil coating that is not burned.
  • Do not use anything harsh for cleaning or scratch the material of the offset smoker.
  • Do not use cleaning products that are made of harsh chemicals. These cleaning products can build the residue which can get into your meat and burn the meat. So avoid such cleaning products of rough fabric. Use soft paper towels or microfiber cloth.
  • Check the entire offset smoker and wipe down everything. Check through every part and corner from inside as well as outside.

Other Features of Oklahoma Joe’s Longhorn Smoker

Other Features of Oklahoma Joe's Longhorn Smoker

Extra Storage Space:

While using this offset smoker, you can put fuel in the extra storage space. There is a large storage shelf at the bottom of the offset smoker under the cooking area. You can store extra fuel, utensils, and BBQ tools in that space. You can also put cooking pans, charcoal, fuel tanks, knives, tongs, or other BBQ accessories.


This famous grill combo has a good firebox. The firebox has a unique design with an access able door. It is easy to open the door or to add fuel to it and help airflow to stoke fire. This firebox is used to heat the offset smoker by loading fuel. It distributes the heat evenly. The smoke produced in the firebox flows to the cooking area and flows out through the damper.


There are cool-touch handles in the lid of the cooking chamber and firebox. This gives excellent protection to your hands and fingers from burning. Always use these handles and keep yourself away from the offset smoker while cooking.


This offset smoker has wagon-style wheels that help mobility efficiently from place to place.


If you are worried about how to use Oklahoma Joe Offset Smoker, then there is no need to worry about it, as it is not a complex procedure. You need to follow different steps to make the best quality BBQ with great taste and aroma. The cooking process lasts for only few hours but with simple steps, you can easily make the best-smoked meat. There is also no need to use lots of equipment and tools.

Make your BBQ full of taste, aroma, and texture by following the necessary steps of how to use Oklahoma Joe’s offset smoker. Remember to season the Oklahoma Joe smoker, which is essential if you buy the new offset smoker. Seasoning will remove the dirt, debris, or leftover oil from offset smokers. It would be best to clean it before and after the use to make it reliable and long-lasting for the next use.

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