Let’s Find Out How Long To Smoke A Brisket On Offset Smoker.

One of the most rewarding things you can do for your family and friends is to smoke brisket on an offset smoker. This is not very difficult to do. For this purpose, you just have to focus on making your food more juicy, delicious, and tasty. This is an important step to understand how long to smoke a brisket on offset smoker if you want to become a cooking master. This article will give you all the details about it. You will also be able to understand how many hours you need to smoke a brisket on offset smoker?

How Long To Smoke A Brisket Per Pound?

How Long To Smoke A Brisket Per Pound?

The timing to smoke a brisket on an offset smoker depends on a variety of factors. It mainly depends on the temperature at which you are cooking your food. You also need to consider the type of smoker you are using. The most common temperature used to smoke a brisket on offset smokers is 2250F. This temperature cooks your food within 1-2 hours per pound. At this temperature, your food is full of moist and soft brisket.

Tips To Smoke A Brisket Per Pound

How long to smoke a brisket on offset smoker based on their cuts, depends on the temperature, the appropriate time, and the internal temperature. The standard temperature used for this purpose is 225 degrees Fahrenheit. You need to adjust the cooking times according to the weather conditions. Sometimes weather conditions may require an increase or decrease in internal temperature accordingly. It is vital that you measure the temperature of the thickest part of the brisket before adjusting the cooking time. This step is necessary to cook your brisket evenly on all sides.

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Time To Smoke A 1.5 Pounds Brisket On Offset Smokers

Briskets usually weigh three to four pounds. In that case, if you select the steak option, then you can have 1.5 pounds. Cook the brisket cut for about two hours or more. After 90 minutes, you should check the brisket to ensure it’s not overcooked.

Time To Smoke A 2 Pounds Brisket On Offset Smokers

This weight brisket doesn’t take long to cook. The large size only helps to provide juice to your brisket. It contains connective tissue and fat. 2 pounds brisket takes 3 to 3.5 hours to cook properly.

Time To Smoke A 2.5 Pounds Brisket On Offset Smoker

A 2.5-pound brisket on an offset smoker will takes around 4 hours for complete cooking. It’s practically no bigger than 2.5 pounds brisket.

Time To Smoke A 3 Pounds Brisket On Offset Smoker

It takes 4-5 hours to smoke a brisket of 3-pounds on an offset smoker. The cutting end cooks faster than the flat end of the brisket. Most chefs like to cook the cutting points until they are overcooked or burnt because they do not allow them to dry out due to the high-fat content.

Time To Smoke A 4 Pounds Brisket On Offset Smoker

How Long to Smoke a Brisket of 4-pounds on an offset smoker? An offset smoker needs about 6 hours to smoke 4-pounds brisket. Some briskets will take a longer time to cook. However, others take less time. You must check the internal temperature of the smoker as it reaches 6 hours.

Time To Smoke A 5 Pounds Brisket On Offset Smoker

A 5-pound brisket takes 7-8 hours to smoke on offset smoker. This is the average time to cook your briskets more evenly. Such a large brisket will require your attention. This is important to prevent the meat from drying out and overcooking.

Time To Smoke A 8 Pounds Brisket On Offset Smoker

The cooking time for this brisket size will vary depending on the smoker’s temperature and the size of the brisket. An 8-pound brisket will take 10-16 hours. Plan and check the doneness after about 8 hours.

Time To Smoke A 10 Pounds Brisket On Offset Smoker

According to the 90-minute per pound rule, it will take 15 hours. Within 15 hours, you will have a full juicy, moist brisket that can easily melt in your mouth. Cooking 10 pounds of brisket is not so difficult. Some people prefer overcooked brown meat. It is a matter of priorities.

Brisket cooking time varies with shape and weight. Some experienced chefs make it in just 10 hours. But some need 15 hours if they are trying for the first time and have no experience.

Time To Smoke A 14 Pounds Brisket On Offset Smoker

It takes about 17.5 hours to smoke 14 pounds of brisket. As brisket bark becomes good and reaches a temperature of 200-210 degrees Fahrenheit, the brisket gets ready. Be sure to check the temperature inside the offset smoker regularly from time to time to avoid overcooking.

Time To Smoke A 16 Pounds Brisket On Offset Smoker

Offset smokers need 24 hours to smoke 16 pounds of brisket. So, if you plan to have a brisket party with your family or friends, you need to start on time. Approximately, you should start your work for this purpose 30 hours before presenting it to your guests. If you want to smoke a whole brisket at the same time, you need to get guidelines from professionals. All you have to do is cut your brisket and smoke it’s all pieces separately. By doing this, you can smoke briskets easily and in less time.

How Long To Smoke A Brisket On An Offset Smoker Per Hour?

How Long To Smoke A Brisket On An Offset Smoker Per Hour?

The cooking time of one brisket per hour depends on many factors. It is mainly affected by temperature and time.1 pound of brisket takes 1.5 to 2 hours to fully smoke. You can adjust the cooking time by knowing the exact weight of your brisket. Most people think that BBQ braces are low and slow everywhere. To get a good crust, you should try to smoke your briskets at high temperatures.  The 1.5 pounds brisket takes 250 degrees Fahrenheit to smoke. It takes 30-45 minutes at 300 degrees Fahrenheit to smoke before removing your grill. So, for example, if you made a whole pack of 12-pound brisket, it would take an 18-hour cooking session at 225 ° F. Also, when this is done, give the window time 30 to 60 minutes to rest before serving it to your guests.

Factors That Influence Smoking A Brisket

Factors That Influence Smoking A Brisket

Many factors can affect cooking brisket, such as offset smoker temperature. Some other factors are listed below.

Weight & Size Of Brisket

The weight and size of the brisket have an effect on the time of cooking it. The cooking time and smoke time per pound of flat-cut brisket is long. The reason behind this is that the center of the cut takes longer to heat up. For example, it takes longer to cook a whole brisket than a small piece of brisket.


There are many techniques that can be used to make brisket. Using these techniques, you can cook briskets in less time. One method that can be used to make a brisket in less time is to keep your brisket at room temperature before putting it in an offset smoker or on a grill.

If you melt the meat a little, the heat will penetrate easily. You can also wrap it in aluminum foil or butcher paper if you do not like to wait too long to cook it. It will also help you reduce cooking time without sacrificing taste and texture.

Cooking Method & Type Of Offset Smoker

Different types and methods of cooking brisket in offset smokers are available in the market today. Brisket cooking time differs from one smoker to another. Every smoker will work differently. The amount of heat needed to cook your food evenly differs for each type of an offset smoker.

For example, the temperature inside the electric or gas smoker will remain constant throughout the cooking process. But offset smokers, and other barrel smokers require a change of heat throughout the process. You should always remember to close the lid when smoke your brisket. This creates a thermal barrier that conflicts with heat.

Some Other Variables

Some other variables, including the amount of fat in the brisket and the thickness of the brisket, also affect how long it takes to cook your brisket. High-fat briskets will be cooked easily and quickly more than those briskets having fewer fats.

In addition, weather conditions affect cooking time. You should try to monitor the humidity and air condition to maintain the indoor temperature. You may have to wait longer during bad weather.

Methods To Shorten The Cooking Time

Methods To Shorten The Cooking Time

You can cook brisket in less time to get a full tasty and juicy brisket.

1.      Increase The Temperature

You can cook your brisket at 325 degrees Fahrenheit. This temperature is higher than the normal temperature that is commonly used to smoke a brisket on an offset smoker. At this high temperature, you will get a complete tender juicy brisket in a short time. This way you can cook in less time by raising the temperature.

2.      Abandon the Low N’ Slow Method

You can also cook your brisket in less time using this method. By using this method, you only have to wrap your brisket in aluminum foil or butcher paper. When the temperature reaches 150 degrees Fahrenheit, wrap the brisket in foil. After some time, place it to the grill for few hours. Butcher paper is slower to cook than aluminum foil. Butcher paper will help to keep the bark crispy in your brisket.


How Long To Smoke A Brisket on offset smoker depends on many factors. Some smokers will need more time to smoke your brisket. Some others will take less time. By using the methods and techniques mentioned above, you can reduce your cooking time. A brisket cannot be cooked for a predetermined amount of time, but knowing how much time to spend on it will help you provide the best barbecue for your guests.

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