How Long To Rest Pork Butt On Offset Smoker? A Complete Guide About it

Resting pork is not a difficult task. This is a delicious dish that wins the hearts of meat lovers. Pork and shoulder pork are the most delicious and popular ingredients to smoke and cook. Many people are not able to bring the best juiciness and softness of the dish while it is not very difficult to cook. The question of how long to rest pork butt on an offset smoker can be difficult for people with very little experience. Pork can also be rested according to low and slow principle. This article will teach you how long to let pork butt rest after smoking on an offset smoker and also why do we have to rest pork?

How To Rest Pork Butt?

How To Rest Pork Butt?

There are various steps involved in resting pork butt. As the internal temperature of the pork reaches at 195-2000F, remove it from the offset smoker. To get the best results after cooking pork, there is a need to rest the pork for a while to make it juicy and tasty. Let’s explore the techniques and methods of cooking pork and also how long to rest pork butt?

Faux Cambro (A Dry Cooler)

The Fox Cambro is a box that can keep your meat temperature longer. This is a well-insulated box. If Faux Cambro is not accessible, you can use a dry cooler instead of it. One important thing to keep in mind when cooking meat or any other food is that when choosing appliances, their size should be according to the meat. If you have a very large fox cambro, there will be more space around the pork butt. This will speed up the cooling process.

Wrap Your Pork Butt

Wrap Your Pork Butt

You can wrap your food after smoking or wrap your pork during the final stages of cooking. You can use aluminum foil or butcher paper for this purpose. Aluminum foil gives better results in restoring the heat inside than butcher paper. Therefore, for the purpose of wrapping, aluminum foil is preferred over butcher paper. But if you don’t have aluminum foil, you can also use butcher paper which will work well.

If your pork has already been wrapped once, there is no need to wrap it again. You can go straight to the next step. Spread two sheets of aluminum foil on the counter. When the smoke is gone, place the pork in the center of an aluminum foil sheet. The number of sheets of aluminum foil can vary depending on the size of the pork butt. If your pork is too big, you may need more aluminum foil to wrap it. Make sure you are wrapping your pork tightly.

Most people wrap pork in more than 2 layers of aluminum foil to keep it warm. 1 or 2 wraps will be sufficient if you plan to restore pork butt for only 2 hours. But if you plan to restore your food for more than 2 hours, you should try to add some extra layers of aluminum foil.

Hold A Few Towels

In the next step, you need to hold a few towels. There are two ways you can do this. These towels are mainly used to take up more space in the cooler. This will keep your pork warm for longer. You can wrap your pork in a towel or you can clean the towel and put it in the cooler. There will be plenty of space in the cooler. So, you can put pork in it easily. The heat in your pork butt is absorbed by this air and your pork will cool down quickly. The only purpose of using towels is to keep your pork warm longer because they help to reduce air in the space.

Temperature Management

Your pork can stay cool until the internal temperature reaches 140 0F. At this temperature you can refrigerate your pork butt. If it gets colder than room temperature; it can cause bacteria to grow in your pork. Therefore, it can be unsafe to eat.

You can rest and serve your food within 5 hours after smoke it in an offset smoker. Don’t leave your pork overnight or leave it to rest after smoking at an offset smoker, otherwise your money and cooking efforts will be in vain. However, this does not mean that it is impossible for your pork butt to stay good for long. You can keep it in the fridge at low temperatures, and it will last longer or for various months.

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How To Know The Pork Butt Is Ready To Rest?

How To Know The Pork Butt Is Ready To Rest?

How to Know the Pork Butt Is Ready to Rest? You may need to check the temperature inside using a thermometer. Insert the thermometer into your pork butt and see if it is cooked enough. It is the time to pull off the offset smoker. You can cook your pork butt faster and fully flavored at a higher temperature than at a lower temperature. The ideal internal temperature for pork butt is 1950F. You can push the protein fiber to 201 degrees Fahrenheit or 203 degrees Fahrenheit to allow it to open more.

The Difference Between Pork Shoulder And Pork Butt

Difference Between Pork Shoulder And Pork Butt

In general, there is not much difference between pork shoulder and pork butt. Generally, the pork shoulder consists of two parts: the butt, also known as the “Boston” butt, and the picnic shoulder. The entire shoulder weighs about 14 to 18 pounds. Commercial consumers prefer it. Typically, pork is cut from the uppermost part of the shoulder. It has a lot of fat and a wide cap, which contributes to its full flavor. The blade bone passes through a portion of the pork butt, but it is more often sold without it.

The picnic shoulder is the lower half of the shoulder. It has less marbling than the Boston butt and is located just below the upper part of the forelegs. It can be made by using low and slow cooking applications. The cut can be sold without bones or bone in. The common choice for stretched pork is pork butt since it is thick and has a lot of interior fat. It’s okay to replace the pork shoulder, but this cut is more suitable for recipes that call for cutting the meat instead of chopping it.

How Long To Let Pork Butt Rest After Smoking On Offset Smoker?

How Long To Let Pork Butt Rest After Smoking

Pork requires to be cooked at a temperature of 205 degrees Fahrenheit. This temperature is so hot that a large amount of water is lost. Therefore, you need to rest it at the right time to avoid it from getting hard. Most professionals rehydrate meat between 2-4 hours. But if you have some less time, you can reduce it to 1 hour. Be sure to finish preparing the pork butt early to get enough rest.

How To Keep Stretched Pork Moist After Smoking It?

Don’t forget to always moisturize your pork. When you smoke it, it is necessary to bring or fix the meat to prevent it from drying out. Since hot smoke removes moisture from the meat, adding extra moisture will create balance. To prevent excess moisture loss in the crackpot, store it in a crackpot set to the lowest possible temperature after smoking. In addition, sprinkle chicken broth or apple juice over the meat to prevent excess moisture loss.

Total cooking time for pork butt:

WeightTemperatureTotal cooking TimeResting Time
  6 pounds  220°F  9 hours    10 hours
  10 pounds  220°F  15 hours  16 hours  
  6 pounds  250°F  6 hours    7 hours
  10 pounds  250°F  10 hours  11 hours

Mostly people rest their pork butt for 1 to 2 hours. A very small number of people rest it for less than one hour and an even smaller number rest it for longer than two hours. You can rest your pork butt for 15 minutes (Minimum) to 5 hours (Maximum). If you want your pork butt to rest for a lot of time and for the juice to be distributed evenly, you should rest it between one and two hours.

Factors Affecting To Rest Pork Butt

Resting time for pork is affected by a number of factors. These are enlisted below:

  • The size of your pork butt

The size of your pork also affects the time to rest your pork butt. If your pork is large in size or you want to cook whole pork at once, it may take a longer time to cook it well and evenly on all sides. If you’re going to cook your pork in two or three cuts, you can cook it in less time than whole pork.

  • Cooler insulation also affects the resting time

Cooler insulation also affects the resting time of pork. If the temperature inside the cooler is enough to make it rest longer, that’s fine. But if the temperature of the cooler is not good enough for the pork to rest well, it is likely to cause germs inside your pork.

  • How many layers you should use to wrap your pork butt?

This depends on the size of your pork butt. If your pork is of larger size, you may need to wrap your pork butt in one or more layers of aluminum foil or butcher paper. But if you have small pork, you can only wrap it in 1 or 2 layers.

  • Weather conditions

Weather conditions also affect the cooking of pork or any other food. Bad weather can take longer to cook and smoke your pork, like the rainy season. Under normal weather, it takes less time to cook your pork.

What Is The Purpose Of Resting The Pork Butt?

Purpose Of Resting The Pork Butt

Cutting pork can be challenging if it is allowed to cool on the counter for too long. According to some professionals, wrapping pork in butcher paper gives the best results. When you smoke a pork butt, the fibers inside it become stronger. During the cooking process, the heat also draws water from the meat to the surface. If you cut into it immediately after cooking, all the juicy water will enter the cutting board, giving you a dry texture. Leaving the food out for a while before eating will soak up the moisture and make your dish juicier.

Pork Butt Rest Without A Cooler

There are two ways you can rest your pork butt without a cooler. If the cooler is not accessible to you, you can rest your pork butt in the oven. Also, you can double wrap the pork butt with aluminum foil to keep it insulated and prevent any juice from leaking out and then place it in the oven at 170 0F. Another way you can rest your pork is by using sous vide. As soon as you remove your pork from the offset smoker, pack it in a food-saver bag. Then you have to put your food at 175 degrees in the sous vide. This will basically allow you to rest the pork for as long as you need.


Cooking pork butt is not an easy task. But it’s also not too difficult. You only have to pay a little attention to its smoking. In this article, you have learned successfully how long to rest pork butt while smoking. You should always remember that as the pork butt rests, its internal temperature will continue to increase. You can see an increase of 10 degrees from the removal of the roast to its disintegration.

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