How do you choose the best firebox for offset smoker? All you need to know

A firebox is an essential part of the barbequing session because it is attached to the smoker on one side and provides a place to produce fire. It is not a unique decision to attach the firebox to smokers because every smoker has a firebox. It provides excellent fire management and smooth airflow inside the cooking chamber. It is known as the heart and soul of offset smokers.

What is the best design for the firebox?

What is the best design for the firebox?

Pitmaster is usually impressed with the design of offset smokers. The fire management and controlling of temperature depend on the size and shape of the cooking chamber. There are different designs of fireboxes available in the market. They can be distinguished by size, shape, material, style, air intake holes, etc. The cleanness of the firebox also depends on the size and shape. The same quality firebox cannot be used in two different smokers. The performance of an offset smoker depends on the design and manufacturing of an offset smoker.

Round or square shape firebox

The main idea in the construction of the firebox is to decide about its shape, whether it should be round or square. Mostly a square firebox is attached to an offset smoker. Some traditional offset smokers also have a round-shaped firebox that does not look well compared to square-shaped offset smokers. There are many advantages of a firebox instead of providing heat. The round and square fireboxes of offset smokers have different advantages and disadvantages too.

The quality and shape of the firebox should be considered while purchasing an offset smoker. The square-shaped firebox looks well and shows the best performance compared to other smokers having a round-shaped firebox.

Therefore, most offset smokers are square in shape. The square-shaped firebox has a unique door that provides smooth airflow and the best heat control. It is easy to clean the square-shaped firebox compared to the round shape. A square firebox offers a flat top surface that shows perfect preheating splits or integrates other features like a warming oven or grill.

A square-shaped firebox heats the coal bed without any contact with it. Still, if you want to get this facility in a round shape offset smoker, the length of the firebox should be raised because it might be challenging to produce heat without touching its coals in a small round firebox.

Which type of firebox is best to manage fire?

Which type of firebox is best to manage fire?

Maintaining the airflow under the burning coal is crucial because it helps to retain the fire in a firebox. It is difficult in the case of a square-shaped firebox because smooth airflow can’t retain inside due to its empty corners. It can only be possible if you use a v-shaped basket inside the firebox which helps to retain temperature and smooth airflow. If the distance between grates in the firebox is increased, the temperature of the firebox will remain under control.

The round shape firebox mainly attaches to the professionally used offset smoker and shows excellent results. It has been popular due to its good qualities like it is made up of different materials which are not so expensive. Sometimes the same materials are used in making the cooking chamber and firebox. It can be made from stainless steel, pipes, propane tanks, etc. Many people like to use the offset smoker made up of the same material, so a round firebox is preferred. As well as the appearance and cost, the round firebox provides many facilities for using wood as fuel. It provides a smooth airflow inside the firebox when the wood is used in it. Also, it helps to control the temperature inside the firebox.

A round firebox performs the best job in construction and managing fires but lacks some of the utility and convenience a square firebox offers. The size of the door of a square shape firebox is more significant than that of a round firebox which can create difficulty in producing fire. You can select both types of fireboxes according to your own choice. If you want to cook food in the latest design offset smoker, you will prefer square shape firebox. But if you like the vintage look, you will prefer round shape firebox.

Size of firebox

The size of the fire has a significant impact on the working and usage of the firebox. Every smoker has a unique firebox as well as unique qualities. Both design and style of the firebox are different from other smokers. There are four things that should be considered in designing fireboxes: volume, width, length, and height. Although the firebox has a round shape, its diameter represents its width and height.

The energy delivered by the firebox depends on the volume of the firebox. The firebox volume tells how much energy is produced by heat to cook the food. If the volume of the firebox is large, you can cook a large amount of food at a time. The offset smoker will work slowly if the size of the firebox is small. The low volume of the firebox will create difficulty in controlling the temperature. You should choose the size of the firebox according to your requirements.

If the smoker has a large volume offset smoker, the temperature will not be controlled above 300F. In the case of a backyard offset smoker, the firebox has about 35 to 45 percent volume. You can cook food quickly at about 275F. The Large-area smokers, used professionally, have a large firebox and easily control the temperature up to 300F. The depth of the firebox facilitates you to control temperature and produce fire quickly.

How important is the firebox width?

How important is the firebox width?

The firebox width matters in many cases as it helps to add fuel easily. A large width offset smoker has a large firebox door, which helps to pass the large size of fuel. Another benefit of a large-width firebox is that you can easily adjust large-size fuel in the firebox. It might be difficult for small-sized offset smokers to add the large-size fuel.

To size the perfect firebox, you should retain the minimum dimension without changing its volume. This problem is solved in two steps:

  • Many people find a larger backyard offset easier to manage than a smaller one since smaller ones require compromising on one or more of the minimum measurements to avoid making the firebox too big.
  • A round firebox is more accessible to accommodate than a square firebox; square fireboxes naturally consume more volume than round fireboxes of the exact dimensions.

Thickness of firebox

Thickness of firebox

The firebox is a source that provides a place to produce fire. It is necessary because the firebox is responsible for controlling temperature and distributing heat equally to the cooking chamber. Some offset smokers are made up of thin steel or metal, which shows low performance in distributing heat. During cold weather, the firebox takes time to heat up. A thin steel firebox will release heat quickly, which means your food will take longer to cook. However, in the case of thick steel, heat will remain in the firebox and cook food quickly.

What is the difference between an insulated and a non-insulated firebox?

What is the difference between an insulated and a non-insulated firebox?

The insulated firebox contains a double wall in which air and any thermal materials are present between its layers. Both wires are made of thick steel sheets. The inner layer is 1/4 inches thick steel, the same as non-insulated materials. The outer layer is also made from stainless steel, almost 1/4 inches thick or slightly thinner. The effectiveness of insulating materials shows which type of layer is attached to the outer side of the firebox. The insulating design of fire is to produce heat inside a firebox quickly.

 The direct result of insulation is to increase the efficiency of offset smokers. A small amount of heat is required to warm up the temperature. You can use a small amount of fuel to produce the fire inside the chamber. The insulated firebox is not essential in the case of a backyard offset smoker, but a small amount of fuel is a good thing. You can use wood as a fuel to increase food taste and add delicious flavor to food. Some people like the smoky flavor, so they use wood as fuel. If you do not like wood as fuel, you can use propane or charcoal.

The temperature of the fire is affected by the distribution of heat. A small amount of fuel is necessary to produce fire in an insulated firebox. If the amount of air is not controlled, it won’t be easy to maintain the temperature in the firebox.

What types of firebox doors are used?

A door is attached to the firebox, which helps to retain the heat inside the firebox. The door seals the firebox after use, and also it is used for other essential purposes. It is also a source to intake air from the surroundings, which helps control the heat and temperature. Air intake sources are arranged differently on offset smokers. There are generally three designs of air intake. First, a solid door is attached to the firebox, which helps to take in and out the air when the door is opened or closed.

Second, the firebox door is mainly constructed to retain the heat inside the firebox or smooth airflow, so it must circulate air inside the chamber. The air intake valves can be located on the left side of the firebox to make sure that air is flowing inside the chamber. If the internal temperature of the firebox becomes too hot, it helps to release the excess amount of heat. The amount of airflow and heat are controlled by using multiple dampers.

You can partially open or fully close the damper during cooking. You cannot fully open the valve during cooking because, in this way, the flow of air becomes uncontrolled. The third style consists of half opening the door of the firebox. It is constructed to close the firebox door during cooking permanently, and the air intake source will remain open. The best door is a solid door that quickly helps control the temperature and airflow.

How to manage fire in the firebox?

How to manage fire in the firebox?

The fire management in an offset smoker basically depends on the construction materials. The thick steel materials help to produce fire in a short time and keep it in the firebox for a long time. But in the case of thin steel material, temperature drops after a bit of time, and the cooking process takes time to complete. We are now going to explain how to start a fire. We will also discuss the management of temperature and smoke inside the firebox and what to do after producing a fire. A chimney is required to start the process. You can use lump charcoal as a fuel source.

 It is the best source of producing constant heat. The other fuel sources can also be used according to your choice. Lump charcoal is mainly used as fuel because it produces light in a short time and helps to maintain the temperature. It works better to light the wood and has no adjuncts or fillers, just like original charcoal. A starter is used to produce the light of charcoal. There are a number of starters used for this purpose.

 You can choose according to your requirements. Mainly the little white cubes are used as fuel. But your primary focus should be to produce light in the chimney. When light is produced in the chimney, coals are thrown over it for 15 minutes. Once the fire-producing process is completed, there will be white ash on the coal after the flames shoot out the top of the chimney.

It goes into the firebox. In the next step, wood is added. You may encounter some difficulties when you buy a bag of wood, such as the large size, so you should cut it into appropriate pieces for the smoker. Once you have added wood according to the food requirements, make the fire hotter than you want, then let it cool down to cooking temperature. You need to do this for two reasons.

  • You will not have a wild swing up if you put the meat on first.
  • Secondly, to maintain the fire for as long as possible, build a giant coal bed.

What steps should be taken after adding fuel?

What steps should be taken after adding fuel?
  • In order to avoid white smoke accumulating on the grates, open the door to the firebox and the cooking chamber after you have added fuel to the firebox. If there is too much oxygen inside the chamber, no problems will arise, but problems may arise if there is not enough oxygen.
  • It helps to make a healthy fire and produces clean smoke to cook delicious food. As soon as the fire is created, the firebox is closed so that the air can be drawn through it and heat up the main chamber.  When the metal body heats up, it will be able to prepare better because the hot air from the firebox will come if the metal body does not heat up.
  • It is good to place heavy wood on the firebox lid because it contains some water. Once they get hot, they ignite more easily.
  • Watch the temperature afterward. If necessary, adjust it. The most common setting is 250 to 275 degrees.


Fire is produced in the firebox, which is the central part of an offset smoker. We have discussed how do you choose the best firebox for offset smoker? There are two types of fireboxes: insulated and uninsulated. They have different properties and qualities. You can choose according to your choice.

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