4 Best Stick Burner Offset Smokers for 2023

Haven’t you bought the best offset smoker with the best features and design yet? We have reviewed smokers that are different, unique with a great cooking space and the best features. There are many stick burner pits that you can buy and get a quality taste. You can cook a variety of food in different and unique styles. If you buy the best stick burner offset smoker, it must be easy to handle, easy to use, and you can make the best aroma and tasty food. You can cook the food in large quantities that can be enough for parties or large gatherings. It would be best to remember some tips to get the tender and flavorful meat in time. Many stick-burning smokers have the best temperature gauge for maintaining the heat and smoke. Some also have grease draining facilities so that you can clean them with ease.

The use of the best stick burner offset smoker gives you joy without hassle. Many offset smokers are large and mainly used for restaurants and businesses. There are also small-sized and low-weight smokers that can be used daily. There are many affordable offset smokers available that you can buy and enjoy the large or small gatherings with your friends and family, and even you can do a small BBQ business. Buy the most suitable stick burner according to your need.

Our Top Picks

Best Overall:  Char-Broil Oklahoma Joe Highland

Best Overall:  Char-Broil Oklahoma Joe Highland
  • There is a large cooking space in the main cooking chamber and the firebox.
  • You can place many accessories and utensils on the front shelf.
  • It also has extra storage space at the bottom of the offset smoker.
  • The size and weight of this smoker are small; you can take it anywhere in your backyard or garden, or outdoor.
  • The best quality temperature gauge is mounted on the lid, and also there is a separate place to mount another gauge.
  • Cool-touch handles are used to open and close the lids without the fear of burning.

Best Space & Size: Dyna-Glo Stick Burner Offset Smoker

Best Space & Size: Dyna-Glo Stick Burner Offset Smoker
  • Dyna-Glo has terrific space, and you can cook food in different quantities.
  • The best thing is that it there are hooks present in the main chamber to cook sausages for making delicious burgers.
  • The size of this offset smoker is fantastic; you can easily take it from one place to another.
  • The multiple grates give you the best space, and you can also remove these grates to make it more spacious and cook large size food.
  • There are excellent dampers through which you can control the heat throughout the vertical cooking chamber.

Comparison Table

Name Price Cooking Area (Sq In.)
Max Temp
Weight (LB)
Fuel Type
Key Features

Char-Broil Oklahoma Joe’s Highland Check Price 900 Steel 175 – 650 176 Wood/ Charcoal Best Thermometer Gauge, Multiple Grates, Easy Mobility, Multiple Dampers, Warming Area in the firebox
Dyna-Glo 1890BDC-D Check Price 1890     Steel Not Specified 83 Wood/ Charcoal Charcoal Chamber in the Firebox, Adjustable Cooking Grates, Removable Ashtray, Thermometer Gauge
CJ online Shop Offset Stick Burner Check Price 110 x 53 x 110 Steel Not Specified 41.89 Wood Built in Thermometer, Heat Resistant Paint, Two Wheels for Mobility, Enamel Paint Cooking Grid
Traeger Grills Pro Series 575 Check Price 575 Stainless Steel 500 124 Wood Built in Probes, WiFIRE Technology, Hopper for Fuel, Good Quality Paint, Two Wheels, Porcelain Coated Grates, Fan for Airflow.

4 Best Stick Burner Offset Smokers You Can Buy Now

1. Char-Broil Oklahoma Joe’s – Multiple Dampers Stick Burner BBQ Offset Smoker

Char-Broil Oklahoma Joe's - Multiple Dampers Stick Burner BBQ Offset Smoker

Char-Broil Oklahoma Joe’s is the best offset smoker that provides you with the best features, with unforgettable taste and aroma. You are unable to find the best stick offset smoker and bought some cheap and unreliable offset smokers. Don’t rush; this Char-Broil stick burner offset smoker is the best choice and you can cook food according to your need. How much space do you need to cook for more than 5 people? This stick burner grill provides you with the best cooking space, and you can easily cook food for more than 5 people. There is a total of 900 sq-inches cooking space and 619 sq-inches cooking space in the main chamber. It is easy to cook a variety of meat with or without the foil.

The firebox is present at the side of the main cooking area. You need to fire the charcoal first, then add it into the firebox, after adding lighted charcoal and add wood logs to get the perfect flavor and heat. You need to maintain the heat first, and then start doing BBQ. There is also a secondary cooking space of 281 sq-inches, and you can cook the food there. You want to stoke the fire now, for that open the side door of the firebox. It is easy to open and close while doing BBQ, and also, there is no trouble removing the ashes from it. Many offset smokers have a round lid on the firebox, but this offset smoker has a warming area. You want versatility on your plate; you can cook burgers, vegetables, or warm food on a flat surface, which gives ease while doing BBQ. 

To get the moist, tender, and aromatic BBQ, you need to maintain the heat throughout the cooking area, and for that, the best quality indicator is mounted on it. This temperature gauge gives the most accurate value, and it is made of high-quality material. The material provides strength, durability, and reliability. It also does not get foggy and helps in monitoring from a far distance. The best thing is it has a separate place for mounting the second thermometer so that you can monitor the temperature from the other side of the offset smoker also. There are also different zones present on it, and the colored zones help you read the temperature easily. These zones are black, red, and yellow for smoke, BBQ, or grill. If you do not maintain the heat, there are high chances of burning your food or losing the texture or aroma. Therefore it needs proper monitoring.

You can control the heat through the dampers, and there are multiple dampers present in the offset smoker. You can open and close these adjustable dampers for the regulations of smoke and heat. There is a shelf in front of the main chamber. You can place the utensils and the BBQ accessories without any hassle. Its length is the same as the length of the main chamber. You can put different accessories and BBQ utensils in organized manners that are frequently used while doing BBQ. Oklahoma Joe’s stick burner is easy to use and handle and it is best for professionals, big parties, and gatherings. It has a weight of 176lbs, making it easy to transport from place to place. It has wagon-style wheels that make easy mobility, and you can take it in the backyard or outdoors. There is a bottom shelf present on which you can put wood splits or BBQ accessories. It is used as an extra space for storage. You can also open and close the doors of the offset smoker without burning hands and fingers because it has cool-to-touch handles.


  • The best quality thermometer gauge is mounted on the lid.
  • It is easy to clean and move due to its wagon-style wheels.
  • The best control of heat through the smokestack with the help of adjustable dampers.
  • There is a great cooking and storage space that you can use while doing BBQ.
  • It maintains the heat of 250 – 300 in the cooking area for a long time.


  • The paint starts to bubble after using it a few times.
  • The heat and smoke leak out from the offset smoker during BBQ.

Final Verdict

Char-Broil Oklahoma Joe’s highland is easy to use and handle because it has impressive features and is made of the best quality material. I recommend this offset smoker because it can make delicious BBQ, moist, tender and good aroma in a good cooking space. The mobility is amazing, and the best thing is you can maintain heat and smoke with ease through the multiple dampers. You can enjoy doing a BBQ with your family and friends.

2. Dyna-Glo 1890BDC-D Stick Burner Offset Smoker – Vertical Wide Body Offset Smoker

Dyna-Glo Stick Burner Offset Smoker - Vertical Wide Body Offset Smoker

Dyna-Glo stick burner offset smoker is a wide vertical body that offers quality, performance, and versatility. It has impressive features, which are used to get the best taste and quality food. If you are looking for a large cooking space with a small size offset smoker, then this wide vertical stick burner offset smoker is your best option. It is of 83 pounds that you can carry with ease to other places where you want to do BBQ. An excellent large cooking space of 1890 sq-inches is present in the main cooking area, with adjustable cooking grates. It has incredible features and is made up of good material. There are 6 adjustable cooking grates, and these cooking grates can accommodate a variety of food of different sizes with a capacity of 25 pounds for each grate. It depends on what you want to prepare for the party or your daily routine.

This model features an offset smoker firebox designed to keep direct heat away from food. It has a terrific design of steel charcoal and wood chamber. You can improve the burning efficiency with the help of this chamber. This chamber is made up of steel with a porcelain-enameled coating, making it durable. You can add and remove or burn the wood, and the best thing is burning does not damage the base of the firebox due to this durable chamber. The cleaning of any firebox makes the offset smoker the best one.

 This vertical offset smoker has the best cleaning system. It has a sliding ashtray that is made up of quality steel. This tray is present under the charcoal chamber, and the best thing is it is removable. During the BBQ, you have to maintain the temperature inside the main cooking chamber, and for that, you need to add fuel to the firebox. An ashtray is designed to remove ash and maintain heat and smoke for hours. A large amount of ash is removed frequently with ease. In short, it has the best management of fuel and ash removal systems.

Many offset smokers are of a horizontal design which takes a lot of space in your backyard or is difficult to transport from place to place but this offset smoker has the best vertical stick burner smoker design, and it takes little space in your home. It has the best flow of heat through the main cooking area which improves efficiency and enhances the smoky flavor. As the heat is away from the food, it travels from the firebox, moves into the vertical chamber, and then moves out through the chimney. The flow of air is good through the dampers present at the side of the firebox. By opening and closing the dampers, you can control airflow. This air helps the smoke and heat to flow.

There are also adjustable dampers present at the top of the smokestack, which controls the flow of heat, and you can get the best smoky flavor with a great aroma and amazing texture. To achieve the best taste, you need properly maintained heat and temperature. There is the best thermometer gauge present which is mounted at the lid of the main cooking chamber. You can read the temperature quickly, and with this temperature gauge, you can control the temperature for the best taste. It is made of stainless steel material and does not get damaged early.


  • It has the best thermometer for maintaining the heat in the vertical chamber.
  • A basket keeps the direct fire away from the food and is safe for the firebox.
  • The 6 adjustable cooking grates are present in the main chamber, and you can adjust the large quantity of food.
  • A removable grease cup is present.
  • High-quality steel is used to make the offset smoker durable and long-lasting.


  • It does not have extra storage space at the bottom of the offset smoker.
  • There are no wheels present.

Final Verdict

Dyna-Glo stick burner offset smoker is best for people who like to cook food daily. It is easy to clean, easy to handle, and use. There is a large cooking space for large quantities. This offset smoker has special coking grates for every type of food, and you can cook vegetables, sausages, pork butts, whole chicken, or a pack of ribs. I recommend this vertical wide body offset smoker for regular use, and it needs proper care and maintenance. 

3. CJ Online Shop Offset Stick Burner- Powder Coated Offset Smoker

CJ Offset Stick Burner- Powder Coated Offset Smoker

CJ offset stick burner smoker is one of the best-known smokers for the best meat dishes, having rich smoky flavor from the wood fire or you get tired to travel with your large trailer offset smoker or vertical offset smoker. Then, for that, CJ offset smoker is best for your BBQ parties. This offset smoker is not too heavy, so it is easy to take it with you wherever you want. It has some of the best features you might be looking for, like it has excellent large space for cooking. It is also made of quality material steel with high temp-resistant paint that makes it reliable and long-lasting. You can cook different and unique dishes such as steaks, roasts, grilled veggies, and sausages, as you can also sear, broil, or grill. You can cook them with great flavor and texture using this offset smoker.

What makes the stick burner offset smoker the best? The use of wood, as the best quality wood, gives the best smoky taste to your food. You can also use the flavored wood to get a more rich taste infused into your food. The wood is loaded into the firebox first. The black smoke will move out through the chimney. Once they are fully lighted and the heat is maintained in the main cooking chamber, now you can start your BBQ. The small firebox is present at the side of the main cooking area. The grate is present inside it for extra cooking space. There is a dripping pan inside it, and you can collect and make some meat sauce from it. These sauces give a great taste to your meat. If the temperature slows down, increase the wood or charcoal in the firebox. There is an adjustable vent present at the side of the firebox. You can control the flow of heat and temperature by opening and closing the vents.

To get the perfectly cooked food without any trouble, you need to maintain the heat and temperature in the cooking area. There is a mounted temperature gauge on the lid of the main cooking area. It is made up of steel and gives an accurate reading. The thermometer has a long steel stick, and this thermometer is coated with the flue powder, making it durable. It does not get foggy and does not get damaged early. The best thing is that it has two casters with an exhaust air pipe and two wheels. With the help of these wheels, this backyard stick burner smoker moves like a trolley, and you can move it from place to place with ease.  


  • It has enamel paint cooking grids.
  • There are two wheels for moving the offset smoker with ease.
  • The top funnel thermometer gives accurate temperature and is made of high-quality powder coating.
  • There is an exhaust air pipe.


  • There is no extra storage shelf for fuel or other necessary utensils.
  • You need to add wood logs frequently to maintain the heat and temperature in the main cooking area.

Final Verdict

CJ offset stick burner is a lightweight, portable, easy-to-clean offset smoker. I recommend this high-quality offset smoker as it has impressive features, and by using these features, you can grill, sear, roast, or cook different types of meat in it. This offset smoker is best for daily use.

4. Traeger Grills 575 – WiFIRE Enabled Stick Burner Offset Smoker

Traeger Grills 575 - WiFIRE Enabled Stick Burner Offset Smoker

Traeger Grills 575 is a high-quality stick burner that you should just buy and use. Not enough cooking space in your offset smoker? Then there is no need to worry. Buy this Traeger grills offset smoker and cook large size meat. It has 575 sq-inches of cooking space so you can cook a variety of food. You can cook special food items and become the perfect chef for your entire family, or you can do a party with your friends. There is no need to cook food in sessions, and it can cook food in one go.

This stick burner offset smoker is best for use and proves to be the best future grilling product built. You can change the temperature for cooking the food item and can set the timer. It has a WiFi system, so you don’t need to stick around with your offset smoker. Control your offset smoker from a far distance. This offset smoker works for just grilling, and you can smoke your briskets, roast your whole chicken, braise, and bake the delicious pizza and BBQ. There is no need to worry about what to cook and how to maintain the heat and temperature for baking & grilling. You just set the temperature for your desired food. There is also no need to add fuel frequently and no need to change temperatures.

This stick burner also gives you the latest technology, and you can also cook your food with Alexa, a voice control WiFIRE technology. You can adjust the temperature and monitor your food just with simple commands. Add the wood pellets into the hopper, and after setting the temperature, it will automatically load the fuel into the auger and start burning as the igniter starts it automatically. It will maintain the temperature and heat and for the heat circulation through the cooking area, the fan is mounted. The heat circulates efficiently in the cooking chamber and passes through the food with this fan, giving the best smoky flavor. The heat then leaves out from the chimney present at the top of the cooking chamber.

The offset smoker can be known as the best if it has great mobility. This offset smoker has two wheels at the bottom which makes it easy to move from one place to another. The heating-up system is so fast in the offset smoker that you don’t need to wait for hours. It has the best heat retention system, which makes the meat tender, and has a perfect texture. There are porcelain-coated cooking grates that have a long life. A built-in meat probe feature allows monitoring the temperature with great accuracy. It is easy to clean due to the easy access to the doors to clean the coal.


  • The built-in facility of meat probes for easy monitoring of temperature.
  • Easy to clean because of the excellent access to coals.
  • It is easy to transport due to its lightweight and strong wheels.
  • There is Wi-Fi System through which one can easily change or set the temperature or control the heating system.
  • The material used is of strong metal and has a long life span.


  • It sometimes needs to change the fuse due to the change in voltage.
  • You need internet connectivity for the WiFIRE system.

Final Verdict

Traeger Grills 575 stick burner offset smoker is best for beginners and professionals, especially those who cannot wait long to smoke the meat. I recommend this offset smoker as it has many outstanding features with good quality material. It is easy to clean and especially its mobility is easy. Due to its low weight and portability, you can take it anywhere at your home.

A Buying Guide for Best Stick Burning Smokers

Stick burner pits are famous for their quality use of wood and best features. The wood is also available in different flavors so that you can get aromatic and fully infused smoky flavor in the BBQ. Many stick burner offset smokers have unique designs and large cooking spaces. Stick burner smokers are primarily used for large businesses and outdoor parties. Burn the charcoal in the starter chamber and then put it in the firebox. After lighting the charcoal, add wood splits. The wood splits burn for a long time and give the best smoky flavor to the meat. When you are looking for the best smoker, then you should look and check the following factors. It includes many factors such as affordability, durability and reliability, size and weight, and other necessary features. 


The most important factors that cannot be ignored are affordability and budget. Many stick burner grills or stick burner pits are not in the range for regular use. These stick burner offset smokers have large sizes and the best eye-catching features and come within the high range. Try to buy the best one within your budget so that you can handle it with ease. These types of offset smokers are perfect for those who can buy them within their budget or can start a small BBQ restaurant. If you are looking to buy the stick burner offset smoker, then buy the one which is within your budget.


This is the second most important point that cannot be forgotten. You are buying the best offset smoker with an enormous amount and if it starts leaking from the corners of the door or the edges, then you will not be happy because of the taste. This factor must be checked whether the material used is durable or not. There are many smokers available within the affordable range and best craftsmanship. So that you can maintain the heat and smoke in the cooking area and it gives the best smoky flavor to your food.

Size & Space:

Many stick burner offset smokers are built in different sizes and have distinct cooking spaces. If you are buying the large-size offset smoker, then you must consider the size and whether you can carry it easily and take it to the place you want to do BBQ. If there is a limited area at your home and you want to buy a small size, but with perfect features, you must check the weight and size of the smoker. Many smokers are specially designed for restaurants, so they have ample space for a large number of people, and you can cook for many people with excellent results. So always consider this point and buy the best one according to your requirement. 

Weight & Portability:

Many offset smokers come within the different ranges up to or more than 200 pounds. As stick burner offset smokers are of considerable size and are customized also. You must check the weight and portability, which ease you in buying the best one. Sometimes you do BBQ at your home with a small family or for small gatherings, and then if it is not portable, you can get disappointed. So buy the one according to your requirements and of effortless mobility which can be transported from place to place. Some smokers have extra storage space for loading the wood splits. If it is of high weight, then it will be challenging to travel.


A standard size indicator is mounted on every offset smoker. Many offset smokers have more than two temperature gauges. There are also various thermometers available that you can buy to get the perfect BBQ. These thermometers are not only mounted on the lid of the offset smokers but also there are meat thermometers with probes also. The heat and smoke must be maintained to cook the meat. If you are unable to maintain the smoke, then there are chances to lose the taste and it can burn the food. Sometimes if not correctly monitored, meat can be uncooked from one side, and another side of the meat can be burnt.

Quality Material:

This is another essential factor you must check before buying the best offset smoker. Many offset smokers are available at a low price, and some are out of reach for the buyers. If you buy the expensive and get the low-quality material, it starts bubbling early. There is a possibility that it gets rusted with a lot of damage. So always buy the strong one that can last for years and give the same results every time you use it. Buying low-quality material smoker is a waste of money and time.

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According to your demand and need, you can check different prices, sizes, features, etc. of smokers. Buy the one which must be within your budget and especially you can cook a variety of food by using single offset smoker. You can cook the meat full of smoky flavor and of great tenderness.

  • Using the best Oklahoma Joe Highland offset smoker, you can not only enjoy the best features but also can use it to get a great flavor. It has the best features; it is easy to handle, portable, easy to clean, and easy to cook without any trouble. The best thing is to cook food for more than 5 people with ease. You can also use it as a professional or for your restaurant. It is the best overall. It has a large cooking area, and you can cook large packs of ribs, pork butts, whole chicken, or fish. I recommend this offset smoker for large parties and gatherings.
  • Dyna-Glo has many different models that you can use to get the flavor of your desire, but with a wide-body vertical offset smoker, you can easily handle it. You can easily clean the grease and remove the ashes. It is super easy to clean and has a large cooking space. You can cook different types of meat such as whole chicken, butts, fish, or different vegetables. I recommend this offset smoker to both the beginner and the professional. It is easy to move from place to place, and the best thing is you can put it in a limited area.

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