4 Best Offset Smoker Ash Tool, 2023

Is there a mess around while cleaning and removing ash from the offset smoker? Worried about the mess and facing difficulty while removing the ash? Then no needs to worry about it, the amazing poker tools are present in the market and online stores that you can buy for the removal of ash. There are different types of best offset smoker ash tools that people use and cook tasty food for their friends and family. These offset smokers need proper care and maintenance for long-term use. Different types of tools are used for cooking and cleaning which makes cooking easy. For perfect cleaning, there are different types of cleaning and ash tools that help in cleaning within a limited space of offset smokers and take less time for removing ash.

The firebox that is present at the side of the offset smoker needs to be cleaned frequently. Fuel is loaded into the firebox, and after smoking the meat, you need to clean the offset smoker by using the best offset smoker ash tool. For cleaning, some special tools are made that help in removing the ash without any trouble. Ash tools and other cleaning tools such as brushes, poker tools, and scrubs are helpful in removing all types of dirt and debris.

Our Top Picks

Best Overall:  Grabbin Ash Pan

Best Overall:  Grabbin Ash Pan
  • Heavy gauge material is used to build this ash removing tool.
  • The material used is strong, durable, and long-lasting as the double powder coating is done for its liability.
  • There is a curved radius bottom that you can use to remove ash easily from the cooking chambers.
  • The curved handles are used, which help the wrist to move quickly and handle with less effort.

Best Length & Material: Oklahoma Joe’s Cleaning Brush

Best Length & Material: Oklahoma Joe's Cleaning Brush
  • Easy to use and handle due to its extra length.
  • There is a feature bottle opener, so there is no need to carry a separate bottle opener.
  • The brush is removable, and scraper blades are present.
  • The notch is present to hang the ash tool at the hooks of the offset smoker.

Comparison Table:

Name  Price Material Weight ( l.b) Dimensions in L x W x H Key Features
Grabbin Ash Pan Check Price Heavy Gauge Steel 3 11.5 x 7.5 Curved Radius Bottom, Curved Handle, Black Colour, Double Powder Coated
Oklahoma Joe’s Cleaning Brush Check Price Steel, Plastic Bristles on Brush 15.2 27 x 5.9 x 2 Double Grill Brush, Full Tang Handle, Scrap Blade, Flexible Neck, Notch to Hang Tool, Bottle Opener
Quantfire Check Price Stainless Steel 7.8 12.6 x 3.15 x 1.57 Non Slips Grip Handles, High Temperature Resistant Material, Hanging Hook, Threaded Connection
MSY BIGSUNNY Check Price Stainless Steel 9.9 17.9 x 3.5 x 1.3 Rubber Handle, Rack Lifter, Anti Corrosion & Rust Proof Stainless Steel Material, Ash Rake.

4 Best Offset Smoker Ash Tools That You Can Buy

1.      Grabbin Ash Pan – Best Handy Offset Smoker Ash Tool

Grabbin Ash Pan – Best Handy Offset Smoker Ash Tool

Grabbin ash pan is a tool that is necessary for cleaning the offset smoker and removing the ash. You are facing trouble in cleaning the ash from the main cooking chamber. Then why think more? Visit the market and buy a Grabbin ash pan. It helps to remove the ash within a few seconds without creating a mess. It is made of high-quality material, which is heavy gauge steel. The steel is welded strong enough and does not break easily. The design of this ash tool is impressive as it has a curved radius base. There is a handle at the center of the top edge. This handle gives a fine grip on your hand. Grab it and start cleaning the ash with ease. The unique design of the handle does not hurt the wrist while cleaning in motion.

The ash pan is coated with powder, giving a matte finishing and making it a durable, reliable, and beneficial tool. When you buy the new offset smoker, there are debris and dirt. Using this ash tool, you can clean the debris from the new product. You need to season your offset smoker first and then build a fire. All the cooking steps are correctly followed for the best taste of food. After finishing the BBQ, you need to clean the offset smoker thoroughly for the next use. For proper cleaning, use this ash tool which will help in removing the ashes from the main cooking area and firebox. Remove the grills and start cleaning your main cooking chamber. Once all the ashes are removed, now give a wash to it. It will not be messy and does not take time. You can also remove the coal from the firebox; do not remove the coal right after finishing the BBQ. Let the coal cool down first, and then use this tool to remove the ashes and coal from the firebox.


  • Made of good quality steel and does not get damaged.
  • The grip of the ash tool is strong and does not hurt the hands.
  • Quick and easy cleaning.
  • It takes less time and effort to remove all the debris and ashes from the offset smoker.


  • Do not remove the hot ashes and coal from the firebox.
  • If used to remove hot coal and ashes, you can burn your hands and arm because it does not have a long handle. It would be best to cool down the coal first, and then start cleaning.

Final Verdict

Grabbin Ash Pan is a tool that is easy to use, and you can clean all the debris and other dirt with ease and in less time. I recommend this offset smoker ash tool because it is strong, reliable, and does not get damaged. It is helpful in removing the ashes from the barrel as well as from the firebox.

2.      Oklahoma Joe’s Cleaning Brush – Full-Tang Handle Poker Tool

Oklahoma Joe's Cleaning Brush - Full-Tang Handle Poker Tool

Oklahoma Joe’s cleaning brush is a good quality brush used to clean the grates and remove the ashes from the firebox and the main cooking chamber. This blacksmith rake has a removable brushing tool. The scraper blade is present on it, which is used to clean the bed of the firebox. There is a brush present on the head of the tool, and you need to flip the tool to clean the cooking surface of the offset smoker. Oklahoma Joe’s ash removing tool is best to use as it is dual-purpose ash removing tool, you can use or remove the brush from the heat, and you can also use the scrap blade to clean the firebox and cooking chamber. It is easy to clean the bed as it does not damage the surface with the brush and removes all the dirt from the offset smoker. The dimensions of this tool are 27″ in length, 5.9″ in width, and 2″ high. With this length, you can easily remove the ash from the firebox door. You can also remove the grates from the cooking area and then start cleaning from the inside.

In an offset smoker, the coal is frequently used and loaded into the firebox to maintain the heat throughout the cooking area. When coal is burned out, the ashes are left at the bottom of the cooking grates. Remove the ashes from the cooking area after finishing the cooking. There are some offset smokers that are of the large size. Some offset smokers are large, and you need to clean them for the best results. You can clean the offset smoker by using this best offset smoker ash tool as it has extra length. The shape of the scraper blade fits the size of the firebox, and you can remove the ash from it while cooking the BBQ without any trouble. The best thing I like the most is that there is a notch to hang. You can change this tool with the hooks present at the side of the offset smoker. Another best feature is that there is a bottle opener present. You don’t need a separate bottle opener. It is easy to handle due to its extended neck and length. It does not make a mess all over the place. Put the bucket near the cooking grates and remove all the ash from the cooking chambers using this brush.


  • It has the fantastic feature of the bottle opener.
  • The brush is removable.
  • You can use the scrap blade to remove the ash easily.
  • With the long length of the brush, you can remove the ash easily from the cooking chamber and the firebox.


  • Use the brush after finishing and cooling of coal in the offset smoker.
  • The neck of this tool is sturdy, and it can bend with a bit of pressure.

Final Verdict

Oklahoma Joe’s cleaning brush, with good weight, features, and dimensions, is a fantastic product. I recommend this metal poker tool that is easy to use and reliable. It does not get damaged. It is best to use as it quickly remove the ash and coal without creating a mess around.

3.      Quantfire – Stainless Steel Ash Poker Tool

Quantfire - Stainless Steel Ash Poker Tool

Quantfire ash tool for offset smokers is lightweight and best for removing the ash. Many offset smokers are easy to clean with their own accessories. Quantfire is the most suitable ash tool for a standard-size offset smoker. As charcoal poker tool collects the ashes from the bottom surface of the offset easily. After burning of charcoal the ash remains at the bottom of the firebox and offset smoker. It is difficult to remove the ash if the offset smoker does not have any removable cooking grates. Some offset smokers come with built-in removable ash pans and trays. You can clean the ash frequently with the help of ashtrays and ash tools. The dimensions of this tool are fantastic and you can use this tool for every type of offset smoker. It has the length of 12.6 inches with the width of 3.15 inches and 1.57 inches high. The weight of this tool is 7.8lbs, and you can easily take it and store it anywhere.

The metal poker tool is made of good quality stainless steel, so it is strong, and the material does not rust or break. There is no need to be worried about as it is durable and long-lasting. The design of this ash tool is impressive. You can easily grip it and can remove the ash with care. Are you worried about burning yourself with hot handle? Then there is no need to worry as it has the spring on the handle and it has high heat temperature resistant material. Cool to touch handles provide a firm grip so that your hand does not burn. It saves you from burning from stove and heat. This best offset smoker ash tool has a high heat resistance and does not melt or rot the tool. Due to its material it is reliable, durable, and long-lasting tool.

What else you want if you have this amazing ash removal tool, it has amazing features. The loop is present at the end of the handle, which is used to hang it at the hooks. These hooks are present on the side shelf of the offset smoker. When you cook food on a large-size offset smoker, you need a long tool that can easily clean the offset smoker from all corners. Always check the length of your best offset smoker ash tool, as it can clean quickly without creating trouble. The best thing I liked the most is that it has a threaded connection. You can disassemble it if you have finished your cleaning or cooking BBQ. This is a unique design cleaning tool, and you can easily clean with this tool from the corners of the offset smoker.


  • This ash tool is made of a high-quality material that makes it durable and long lasting.
  • It does not rust, breaks, or damage.
  • Cool-to-touch spring provides a strong grip so that you cannot hurt your hands and fingers.
  • It is easy to handle as it has low weight.


  • There is no brush for cleaning the dirt.
  • No wooden or plastic handle is used for a firm grip.

Final Verdict

Quantfire ash tool is famous for its strong material, as it does not rust or break while using. It is easy to use and handle with the strong grip of spring structure. There is no fear of burning your hands and fingers. I recommend this ash tool for offset smokers as you can easily remove the ash or dirt from the firebox and the main cooking area. It is available in the market and online shops and is of affordable price.

4.      MSY BIGSUNNY – Rubber Handle Ash Tool

MSY BIGSUNNY - Rubber Handle Ash Tool

MSY BIGSUNNY is a famous tool for removing ash and cleaning the firebox. It is made of good quality premium stainless steel, making it reliable, strong, and durable. The ash tool has a high heat resistant material, and it does not get damaged. The fantastic design and affordability make it demanding. Different offset smokers use unique design tools and accessories which help the chef to cook food and get fantastic taste and texture. The users also need proper maintenance of the offset smokers for long term use, and for that, they need to clean the offset smoker with the best offset smoker ash tool. This MSY BIGSUNNY is of fantastic design and works amazingly.

At the end of the ash tool, there is a rubber handle. With this rubber handle, you can grip the tool with ease and there is no need to use gloves for a firm grip. A rubber handle is also safe to use as it does not burn your hands. The weight of this tool is 9.9 ounces, so you can pick it up and use it easily. It has impressive dimensions of 17.9 inches in length, 3.5 inches in width, and 1.3 inches high, and you can quickly put it on the storage shelf of the offset smoker. After finishing the cooking, wait for cooling of offset smoker properly and then start cleaning or removing the remaining charcoal and ash from the cooking chambers. There is a rack lifter present on the backside of the flat side.


  • It has a comfortable and good grip with anti-slip properties.
  • The handle is heatproof, giving ease of using the ash tool.
  • Due to its low weight and amazing design, you can store it on the bottom shelf of the offset smoker.
  • The strong material is used, which is also rustproof, and the rack lifter is present.


  • It cannot be used for large-sized offset smokers as it is too short.
  • The scraper does not remove the ash properly because some of the ash is left behind.

Final Verdict

MSY BIGSUNNY ash tool is a solid rod, and the flat piece is welded on it and of good size. This ash tool is easily fitted into my offset smoker cooking chamber and in the firebox. I recommend this ash tool as it gives a strong grip, and you can use it comfortably. It is safe to use and does not burn your hands and fingers. It has high heat resistant material, making it durable and long-lasting. The rubber handle not only gives a fine grip but also is anti-slip.

A Buying Guide For Best Offset Smoker Ash Tool

In an offset smoker, the charcoal and wood logs are used to maintain the heat and temperature. There is need for proper cleaning of the offset smoker. The smoke is black at the start of building a fire and moves throughout the offset smoker. Black smoke is also attached to the sides of the cooking area and other parts of the offset smoker. There are also debris and dirt when you have a new offset smoker. So the offset smoker needs a thorough cleaning. There are some special tools for a thorough cleaning that you can buy at a low cost or high price. The ash made for smoking the meat by burning the logs and charcoal must also be appropriately removed.

Removing the ash is not a difficult job, but it can damage the metal or generate a bad taste for the next use if left behind. Ash tools are the neglected tools, but you should buy them to remove ashes from the firebox and main cooking chamber properly. Beginners must buy best offset smoker ash tool as it will help remove the ash easily and also is helpful for the professional. When you build a fire, you need to maintain the temperature and heat in the offset smoker. When the coal burns out, the temperature starts decreasing. To maintain the temperature, you need to add more fuel to the firebox. Use proper tools for building a fire. Otherwise, you may hurt yourself. Consider different points while buying these tools. There are amazingly best ash tools present in the market and online stores. Buy the best offset smoker ash tool by considering some of the points.


The first and the essential factor you should consider the most is the budget. You must know what amount you have with you and what you want to buy. If you buy the low-quality product at high price which does not work properly, then you will not be comfortable in cleaning the offset smoker. Make sure the ash tool you want to buy is in your budget.

Material & Handle:

The second most important thing that you should consider is the handles of the ash tool. Always check the material used to build these tools. If the material is of low quality, it can break easily. Also, check that the stick and handle material must be high heat resistant and not get hot. Check that the material must be strong, reliable, rustproof, and does not bend so that you can use it for years. 


It is also the most important factor that you must check. The dimensions of the ash tools are also different. If the length of the tool is not long enough, then it cannot be easily used to remove ash while cooking. If the length of the ash tool is long, you can also use it to remove the coal or ash while cooking. You can use the tools with a long length in the cooking chamber.


A stick with a flat surface or a pan has different and unique designs for removing the ash from the offset smoker. If the stick is used to remove the ash, you need to place a bucket under the firebox to clean it without creating a mess. Ash removing tools are necessary tools that must be made from the good quality material, that do not get rust, and can be used for long term. The design of the ash tools must be helpful so that the users can use and handle them without hurting themselves and feel comfortable.

With the use of a Grabbin ash pan, you can clean the ash from the cooking chamber of the offset smoker by removing the cooking grates. Remove the grates from both the cooking chamber, grip the pan’s handle, and start removing the ash. Do not use this ash tool when the ash is hot, as it can burn your hands. This pan is best to use as it is strong with a firm grip. It makes the wrist move quickly and does not hurt. This pan is made of solid material and powder coated, and it does not rust, get damage, or bend with time.

If you are removing ashes frequently and want to use the long neck poker tool, you can use the Oklahoma Joe cleaning brush. I recommend this tool as it has a strong material and extra length. A brush is present at the top of the stick that cleans the dirt and ash properly and does not leave any dirt. With the use of a scraper blade, you can clean the debris and coal from the offset smoker. Use the brush when the coal is cool down completely. It cleans the offset smoker with ease and does not hurt or damage anything. The bottle opener gives the ease of opening the drinks while cooking. You can enjoy parties and other gatherings with offset smokers.

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