5 Best Electric Offset Smokers 2023

Have you planned to buy the new offset smoker? Are you looking for something different, unique, and hassle-free? We have the ideas for you to plan and grab a new offset smoker for your backyard or outdoor parties. Deciding to buy a new offset smoker, which must be different from the regular one, can be a challenge then it’s true for those who are beginners and just started the BBQ game in their life. To buy the hassle-free offset smoker, you must go for an electric offset smoker, and it is easy to use, easy to handle, and especially has great features that you will enjoy.

To grace your table with aroma, texture, and flavor, you need the perfect cooked food, and for that, different brands of offset smokers are used. If you are not a regular user and the pleasant aroma you are expecting from your smoker is not coming, start using the electric offset smoker. You can not only cook the delicious BBQ, but you can also sear the meat, grill the fish, bake the pizza, make some aromatic and tasty burgers, roast the turkey, and smoke the meat; everything can be perfectly cooked under a single electric offset smoker.

Our Top Picks

Best Overall: Camp Chef Electric Offset Smoker

Best Overall: Camp Chef Electric Offset Smoker
  • Camp Chef electric offset smoker is the best overall, and it has impressive features, color, and design.
  • There is a connectivity of the Wifi app with the offset smoker to control the temperature.
  • It has ample space in the hopper to load pellets and the best cooking space to cook food.
  • There is a foldable shelf in front of the main cooking area and a side shelf to put BBQ utensils and accessories.
  • The ashtray is for the removal of ash after the use of an offset smoker, and also, there is a grease drain system that makes it easy to clean.
  • You can put fuel and other accessories you need on the bottom shelf while doing BBQ.
  • There is a bottle opener present in the firebox, and you don’t need an extra opener for your drinks.

Best Space & Size: SAKEE Electric Offset Smoker

Best Space & Size: SAKEE Electric Offset Smoker
  • SAKEE electric offset smoker has the best space and size of 795 sq-inches.
  • You can cook a variety of food up to 8 rib racks, 8 pieces of pork butts, and 27 burgers in this large cooking space.
  • The space is present of 20 lbs in the hopper for loading the pellets.
  • In the main cooking area, there is a space of 565 sq-inches and 230 sq-inches extra space in the main cooking chamber.
  • It has a beautiful and smart design, and you can enjoy cooking food for your family and friends.

Best Design & Features: MFSTUDIO Electric Offset Smoker

Best Design & Features: MFSTUDIO Electric Offset Smoker
  • MFSTUDIO electric offset smoker is known for its best design and features with beautiful color.
  • It is 8 in 1 ultimate cooking offset smoker i.e. you can grill, braise, roast, smoke, bake, sear, or BBQ.
  • There is the best auto temperature controller, and you can control the temperature with ease to get the best results in time.
  • Strong steel material is used, making it reliable and durable, and it can give the same results for years every time you use it.
  • It has a strong bottom shelf, metal wheels, a heavy-duty lid, cool-touch handles, and a removable front table.
  • All the best features make it the best design.

Comparison Table:

Name  Price Cooking Area (Sq In.)
Material Max Temp.
Weight (LB)
Fuel Type
Key Features

Camp Chef Woodwind 24 Check Price 1236 Alloy Steel 160 – 650 132 Electric, Wood Pellet PID Controller, 4 Stainless Steel Probes, Ash Cleaning System, Stainless Steel Firebox, App Connectivity, Adjustable Smoke Technology, Slide & Grill Technology
Sakee Check Price 795 Steel 85 – 475 Electric, Wood Pellet Adjustable Chimney, Meat Probe, Heavy Duty Wheels, Large Cooking Space
MFSTUDIO 8 in 1 Electric Pellet Grill & Smoker Check Price 912 Heavy Duty Metal 180 – 450   120.8 Charcoal, Wood Enameled Cooking Grates, Warming Rack Area, Thermometer Probes, Power Cable Collector, Bottom Shelf
Traeger Grills Tailgater 20 Check Price 300 Metal 180 – 450 62 Wood Pellet 8 Feet Electric Cord, EZ Fold Legs, Digital Arc Controller, 6 In 1 Pellet Grill
Z Grills ZPG-450A Check Price 452 Steel 180 – 450 84 Electric, LPG 8 In 1 Ultimate Grill, PID Tech, Durable Water Resistant Printing, Advanced Pellet Feed System, Digital Auto Controller, Drip Tray, Auto Igniter

5 Best Electric Offset Smokers, You Can Buy in 2023

1. Best Camp Chef Woodwind 24- WIFI Electric Offset Smoker

Best Camp Chef- WIFI Electric Offset Smoker

Best Camp Chef is used to get quality food with the best possible smokey flavour. You are tired of waiting long for cooking; if so, there is no need to worry now. This Best Camp Chef is the best choice for quick heating and easy handling offset smoker. You don’t need to wait for long to start doing BBQ. With this electric smoker grill, you need to plug in and fill with pellets, set the temperature, and turn on the switch. An automatic pellet auger starts and feeds the pellet towards the grill. The feed pellets will continue feeding until it reaches the required set temperature. It uses fewer pellets and maintains the heat and temperature for a long time, and it will add more pallets until required.

You are looking for good space in the main cooking area. In this electric offset smoker, there is a perfect space of 1236 sq-inches for cooking. You can cook different items and various foods in the main cooking chamber. You can grill, bake, smoke, sear, and do everything you want. It has many unique features which you can use and get a smokey taste and aroma. You can get that taste by maintaining the heat in the main cooking area. For that, you need to set the temperature in the controller. There is a PID controller for a consistent temperature of +/- 5 degrees F, and it is a full color screen controller. The best thing about this electric offset smoker is that it has the connectivity of the Wifi App. It has an innovative PID and Wifi-enabled controller. You can control the PID controller through this app. You can change the temperature and set the timer, and you can also get notifications when the temperature reaches the already set temperature. It is easy to get the moist, flavourful, and best smokey flavors with your app. There is no need for you to stick to your offset smoker and stay connected to your app. This Camp Chef’s important feature makes it the most versatile and most innovative among the best electric offset smokers in the market.

What makes the offset smoker the perfect one? Well, its features make the offset smoker perfect, reliable, and durable. A single burner is present at the side of the offset smoker, which makes it a more versatile and great design. It has the attachment capability it is of 14 inches cooking system. You can add a griddle, oven, stockpot, and especially grill. You can sear the meat in the searing box. It also has grates, and these grates are made of cast iron, and you can get the sear marks and reach the temperature of the sear box at 900 degrees F. This makes it the most appealing feature of the electric offset smoker. The best can not only be achieved from charcoal and gas flame, but you can also get the best taste through direct flame mode in this offset smoker. You can switch between the direct and indirect flame with the pull of a knob in the offset smoker.

There is an adjustable smoke setting, and you can set it from 1 to 10. There are also 4 probes, which are made of stainless steel material. A dripping grease bucket is present to drip out the grease quickly. It also makes cleaning easy. The bottom shelf helps to put additional accessories on it. You can cook for many people as it is effortless to use and carry. It weighs 132 pounds, and with the help of 2 wheels, you can move it from place to place, which makes its mobility easy. Every best offset smoker comes with an excellent cleaning feature, and it can be removable trays, removable cups, dripping buckets, etc. This offset smoker also has the Ash-Kickin cleanout system. After using the offset smoker and grill, pull the knob, and the ashes will drip from the burning cup. This burning cup is removable and presents underside of the grill. Clean the offset smoker by flushing the burner and disposing of the ashes. This makes easy cleaning without any trouble within less time and effort.


  • It has a hopper capacity of 22 lbs.
  • The Ash removal system helps clean the offset smoker after use.
  • The Wifi connectivity helps to maintain and get the best flavor of food.
  • There is an automatic feed system in the auger to main the temperature.
  • The power cord is 86 cm long.


  • Due to its heavyweight, it is challenging to lift pickup from the stairs.
  • This electric offset smoker needs to keep away 10 ft from the gas area.

Final Verdict

Best Camp Chef is the best model of electric offset smokers that you can buy. Its price is high, but the design and features are pretty unique and you can fully enjoy the parties and gatherings by using this offset smoker. I recommend this offset smoker as it has the best feature of Wifi connectivity app. You can also enjoy cooking food to get the fantastic flavor, aroma, and texture. It is easy to clean and maintain due to the ash cleaning system and dripping grease bucket. It can also cook food on the side sear box with adjustable and compatible attachments.

2. SAKEE Electric Offset Smoker- Meat Probes Offset Smoker

SAKEE Electric Offset Smoker- Meat Probes Offset Smoker

 SÄKEE Electric Offset Smoker is known for its amazing design and features. It is also famous as 7 in 1 grill pellet whether you want to smoke your meat or grill your brisket, you want to bake a pizza, sear some steak, or you want to roast a chicken or turkey. You can do it all on this single electric pellet offset smoker. This unique design gives you the best taste and presentation of your food. If you are a person who wants to enjoy with a limited number of people in your gathering or you want to cook alone then yes this large electric offset smoker is best for you.

If you are not comfortable with the regular offset smoker or you are not enjoying the working of regular offset smokers. Then buy this amazing electric offset smoker as it has many fantastic features with a total cooking area of 795 sq-inches. There is 565 sq-inches of cooking area in the main cooking chamber. You can cook whatever you want. There is also an extra area of 230 sq-inches. This electric offset smoker is a bit slow but you can achieve the best smokey flavor at home.

Sometimes you are just bored with doing BBQ and want to try something different at your parties like you want to bake, roast the chicken, or make some burgers but with the use of a regular offset smoker you don’t sear or bake but if you want to cook something different with the meat, then this smoker is perfect for you as fire directly touches the meat, by simply putting a pan on fire. You just need to replace the pellets and enjoy your variety of food. You can enjoy cooking food on this perfect pellet grill for 7 people. You can cook 8 rib racks, 8 pork butts, and 27 burgers.

There is a 20lbs hopper capacity. To cook the tasty food there is a digital controller that is used to maintain the temperature range from 85 degrees F to 475 degrees F. In the controller there is an I/O button, press it for I/O, and also the cook or smoke option button is present on the controller. You can also increase or decrease the temperature to set. It has a beautifully designed door for storage specially used when you are not using it. This smoker has a good size of 44.5 x 35 x 50.4 inches which is also made of quality material. It is easy to move from one place to another due to its 2 wheels. You can enjoy all the features by using it and maintaining it for a long time.


  • It has a meat probe; you can insert it into the meat probe connector of the digital controller.
  • Pretty design adjustable chimney for heat control.
  • A drip grease bucket is used on one side to remove the grease from the main cooking chamber.
  • It is 7 in 1; you can cook food, sear, grill, roast, bake, smoke, etc.


  • No thermometer gauge is mounted on the lid of the main cooking chamber.
  • No Bottom shelf is present for fuel storage.

Final Verdict

SÄKEE Electric Offset Smoker has a unique design with amazing features. You can enjoy using it for your family. I recommend this electric offset smoker because it is affordable, easy to clean due to the drip bucket, portable, unique design, attractive color, and especially it is a 7 in 1 offset smoker. You can grill, sear, smoke, roast, bake, etc, it’s your choice what you want to cook. You just add pellet and set the temperature select the mode, and that’s it. You don’t need to wait for long as compared to a regular offset smoker.

3. MFSTUDIO 8 in 1 Electric Offset Smoker- Digital Controller Offset Smoker

MFSTUDIO Electric Offset Smoker- Digital Controller Offset Smoker

MFSTUDIO Electric Offset Smoker is a pellet grill that is ultimate 8 in 1 and capable of doing BBQ, bake, roast, smoke, grill, sear, and braise. It depends on you what you want to do. It has impressive features that you can enjoy while cooking food. If you don’t like to wait for long with the regular offset smoker, then don’t be sad; this MFSTUDIO electric offset smoker is the best option for you. It doesn’t matter where you are inside the home or in the garden, and you can put it in a limited area; it does not take much space. It has a good cooking space with a cooking area of 446 sq-inches, and a warming rack and area is 266 sq-inches. You can cook any food quickly due to its unique design and elements. It has the capacity of a pellet hopper of 13lbs, add the pellets and start grilling.

If you are looking for the best features in an offset smoker, then by using this offset smoker, you can enjoy all the elements such as a folding front table, side handles, and S shape hooks. You can attach the utensils and the accessories with these hooks, which gives you the ease of accessing them while cooking.

The fantastic thing is that it has an efficient thermal cycle and tightly fitting exclusive design and structure. There is a back power cable collector and a grill thermometer probe. With the help of the probes, you can easily check the temperature with accuracy. A thermometer gauge is present, which is helpful in maintaining the heat and temperature in the main cooking chamber. If properly not maintained, the slight ignorance will burn the meat, and the taste will be damaged.

This offset smoker is made of heavy-duty metal and is reliable and durable. This metal is coated with unique weather-resistant due to which the metal does not rust. This material is safe for use, and you can use it for long for outdoor events. This smoker has the best drainage system. The grease is drained out from this hole and moves down the bucket. This dripping bucket makes the cleaning easy without having trouble. A cool touch spring is present on the handle for a good grip while cooking food.

The removable shelf is present in front of the main cooking chamber. You can put the utensils and other items on it, and this gives you access to things with ease. There is also a bottom shelf where you can place the fuel or other utensils needed for the BBQ. With the help of 2 wheels, you can also transport this offset smoker, which makes its transportation easy without any hassle. The long chimney helps to remove the smoke and extra heat from the smoker. This removal of air through the chimney helps to get the quality taste of food.

Another feature which I like is its auto temperature control. You don’t need to stand beside the smoker. You don’t need to monitor for adding fuel into it. This controller maintains the temperature from 180° F to 450° F. A digital controller keeps the temperature within +/- 20 degrees F. You can set the temperature according to your need or the type of food you are cooking with the help of a knob. This system is best for you to enjoy thoroughly with your friends and family. The whole system will help you reduce the loss and improve the cooking efficiency. You can enjoy the BBQ while camping, picnicking, or outdoor living as this offset smoker is perfect for you.


  • There is a perfect sealing on lids, so there is no leakage of smoke or heat from the main cooking area.
  • The automated controller works amazingly and accurately.
  • Thermometer probes are provided for your ease.
  • There is a draining cup that helps in cleaning the smoker efficiently.
  • It has excellent mobility due to its lightweight, two wheels, and handles.


  • You cannot cook food for large gatherings.
  • The actual taste of smoke is difficult to gain.

Final Verdict

MFSTUDIO electric offset smoker works greatly due to its amazing design and features. You can cook the delicious food as it is 8 in 1. You can grill, smear or bake with ease. It is portable, affordable, and easy to use and handle and its cleaning after use is easy. I recommend this electric offset smoker to beginners.

4. Traeger Grills Tailgater 20- EZ Fold Legs Electric Offset Smoker

Traeger Grills Tailgater - EZ Fold Legs Electric Offset Smoker

Traeger Grills Tailgater is a versatile 6-in-1 BBQ grill and electric offset smoker. You can grill, smoke, roast, bake, BBQ, or braise your food. You are looking for a different offset smoker, and you want to cook your food in a different style. Does your food not create the best smokey taste and aroma? For that Traeger, Grills Tailgater is best for you to make the tastiest, aromatic BBQ. It can create the original flavor, and you can get the wood or smokey flavor.

You don’t need to use charcoal or gas. It has the most attractive features you need to experience with the great space. An electric igniter is used to light the pellets with a constant flame. There is a small pot inside the grill and no visible open flame. There is a high food capacity, and you can grill 3 racks of ribs or 2 chickens (whole) in 300 sq-inches of cooking space. If you are addicted to eating burgers, you can also make some tasty burgers by using this offset smoker.

It has an electric and wood-burning power source. For precise temperature control, a temperature arc controller is used to maintain the temperature. It has the precision of +/- 15 degrees F with a temperature range of 180 degrees F to 450 degrees F. If the heat and temperature are not appropriately maintained, you cannot get the best taste and aroma. You can increase or decrease the temperature, and with this temp control, you can get the perfect results. This offset smoker has 8 feet long electric cord. You can plug with the connections inside the hopper assembly.

The best feature I like the most is the unique design and EZ fold legs. You can fold these legs and put an offset smoker in your vehicle, whether a truck or at a picnic spot, or for camping. Take it and travel outside where you want with ease. It is low weight and does not take much effort to pick it up and put in. You can also move this smoker as there are two wheels. Its mobility is impressive, and with little or no effort, you can carry it wherever you want at your home or outside.

The best thing is that it has a good system to clean the grease—the grease drip out into the drip bucket attached to the side of this small electric offset smoker. There is a grate inside the main cooking chamber; the heat moves from under the grate and cooks the meat. This grate is porcelain coated which makes it long-lasting and durable. You don’t need to wait for long. Set the temperature and start grilling or roasting. Hunt the fish or use marinated meat, and you can also select the keep warm mode for your food. Another best thing is it has meat probes. Just connect the meat probes with the controller and to the meat. There is also a front shelf. You can put the BBQ utensil in for easy access. There is no need to grab the BBQ accessories from far.


  • You can pick it up and put it anywhere due to its low weight.
  • The grease drips out into the dripping bucket.
  • There is 8 feet electric cord for connection.
  • EZ fold legs.
  • Meat probes are present.


  • No bottom shelf is present for extra fuel storage.
  • The controller is difficult to use and sometimes does not work correctly.

Final Verdict

Traeger Grills Tailgater has a unique design, is portable, and is easy to clean. You can get the best results by using it as it is a 6-in-1 electric wood pellet grill. I recommend this offset smoker to those who love doing camping, daily BBQ lovers or travel a lot. This offset smoker is not affordable, but when it comes to its usage it has the best results every time you use it. This offset smoker is for a limited number of people and small gatherings.

5. Z Grills ZPG-450A Auto Temp Control – Large Electric Offset Smoker

Z Grills Auto Temp Control - Large Electric Offset Smoker

Z Grills auto temp control is an ultimate 8-in-1 wood pellet technology with the great space and features that you are looking for. This offset smoker comes on the list of top-rated electric offset smokers. You are stressing out with the daily routine and work, taking a few moments for your family and friends, and trying out the best flavor food from your electric offset smoker. Bake pizza, make some hot burgers with tasty sausages, or sauté some veggies for your perfect sizzling steak by using this offset smoker. You can cook food with this wood fire pellet grill and can roast, braise, grill, bake, sear, BBQ, char-grill, and last but not least, smoke your food.

Z Grills has the perfect pellet technology, and it’s not an easy way to get the wood and smokey flavor by using the pellet grill, but you can get the best flavor using this offset smoker. It has electric and LPG fuel type from which you can infuse fantastic taste and aroma in your food. You don’t need to start lighting the coal and then put it into the firebox. Set the temperature using this electric offset smoker; your offset smoker will do all the remaining work. You get yourself relaxed and enjoy cooking delicious food. You don’t need any helper, and you can cook yourself easily.

A PID technology maintains the temperature throughout cooking with the best possible results and consistency every time you use it. You can maintain the cooking temperature in the range of 180 degrees F to 450 degrees F. It has unique 450A features and 452 sq-inches of space in the main cooking area. This electric smoker grill is best for small families and gatherings with rich smoke flavors and tastes. There is a power on and off button with which you can start heating the offset smoker.

The offset smoker has beautiful bronze color with 84 pounds of weight. It is built with sturdy steel coated with high temp powder, making it durable and long-lasting. You can cook food perfectly for years if properly maintained. Add the hardwood pellets into the hopper then it will move towards the auger with the help of an advanced pellet feed system. A hot rod above the auger will help auto-ignite the pellets. While the digital controller regulates the temperature and the best thing I like is that there is an induction fan that stokes the fire. There is also a dripping tray present above the hot rod. This tray keeps the crease away from the fire. The hopper has 15 pounds large capacity, which offers a long cooking time. It uses less pellet filling with more smoke, and you don’t need to refill constantly. You can cook for about 20 hours with the use of 20lbs pellets.

With the fantastic design, you can enjoy doing BBQ and cooking food. As you open the lid of the main cooking area, there are two cooking areas, i.e. the main cooking area and the secondary cooking rack. The best thing is to use the front and side shelf, making your work much more manageable. You can put all the necessary utensils and accessories on the shelf for your hassle-free work. You can also attach the drip bucket under the side shelf, where all the grease is dripped out. There is no trouble cleaning the grease from the offset smoker. The beautiful design chimney is present at the side of the main cooking area, through which all the extra heat and smoke leave out, and you can control the heat for a perfect taste. The mobility of the offset smoker makes it much easier to handle, move, and place. There are two heavy-duty terrain wheels, you can move it and take it to any place you want. 


  • There are rust-proof racks, and covers are present, making it reliable.
  • It has convection heat distribution technology.
  • There is a foldable working shelf.
  • It is easy to clean due to the dripping bucket.
  • The heavy-duty wheels make it the best portable offset smoker.


  • It has an unreliable ignition push button.
  • The price of this electric offset smoker is high.

Final Verdict

Z Grills auto temp control is the best electric offset smoker as it has incredible features such as an auto temp controller, induction fan, hot rod, and good hooper space for pellet. It is large, portable, easy to clean, and handle with all these best features, and you can get the great flavor of the meat. You can cook food in different ways, roast, grill, sear or bake, etc. I recommend this offset smoker to youngsters, as it is the best electric offset smoker for beginners. You can also cook for a small or limited number of people with fantastic taste and texture.

A Buying Guide for Best Electric Offset Smokers

Electric offset smokers come with an amazing and unique design. These electric offset smokers give you the best taste of meat. The types of meat may vary, and these can be Bluetooth electric offset smokers, vertical offset smokers, or barrel offset smokers. There are also different types of fuel used in an electric offset smoker, such as electric power, hardwood pellet, gas, LPG, or charcoal. You can get the best quality taste and smoky flavor. When you look for the best electric offset smoker, there must be the feature of a cord connection with the electric power source. It also includes height, weight, cooking space, and portability. You can buy the best one by following these features while buying.


  This is the first step when looking for the perfect electric offset smoker. Always check the price of different models or brands. Sometimes the price reaches out, and the features are not best for use. If you want the best features and design, the price does not matter. You can buy expensive as well as low price electric offset smokers.


In this step, always check the craftsmanship. This is the essential factor that must be checked because if you are buying the expensive offset smoker and it is not constructed with the best features or with the best durable material, then it is a waste of money and time. There are many electric meat smokers available in the market also with the best price range. If there is a leakage or unreliable material used, you can change the decision of buying that smoker. Must check whether there is leakage at the sides of the offset smoker or if they are constructed well. If the temperature is not maintained, you may lose your food’s taste.

Space & Size

Electric offset smokers can be large or small. You must check the space and size of electric offset smokers, as some have small space and size and some have large space and size. The size of the electric smokers varies from 150 sq-inches to 1300 sq-inches. It depends on you for what space and size you need or for how many people you need to cook food. You want to buy it for doing daily BBQ or for weekly. If you want a large size and space then this type of offset smoker is best for large-scale businesses or large gatherings. This factor has tremendous importance; you cannot enjoy BBQ parties or small gatherings if the space and size are not big. 

Weight & Portability

The weight of different smokers ranges from 20 pounds to 200 pounds. It depends on your need. What weight do you need? Do you want to put it in your backyard or at home? Do you need it for your traveling purpose or for an outdoor BBQ? Weight is not much considered while purchasing the best offset smoker unless you need it to move around or just for a single spot.

Many offset smokers come in different weights. A vertical electric offset smoker and a horizontal electric offset smoker are available in different weights and sizes. They should be of low weight, making them easy to move and easily load in the truck. It should be easy to lift by the adults. Consider the offset smokers that are portable and can be lifted without any effort if they are large and of high weight, making them difficult to move from place to place will be difficult to handle, and transport.

The size of the hopper is also included, which also has some weight. It is a little place where you can load pellets, charcoal, or wood. It automatically loads the fuel into the auger and depends on how much quantity is needed to burn for maintaining the temperature. If the size of the hopper is significant, then the offset smoker needs less refilling of the fuel.


A thermometer gauge is a dial of standard size that is mounted on the electric offset smoker. There are many different models available in the market and if you want to buy an offset smoker of huge size, there is difficulty in maintaining the temperature. So, you can attach it to another space. In the electric offset smokers, users can set and control the temperature automatically, adjust the ventilation of the smokers, and also you can increase or decrease the temperature.

If you are looking for your convenience, you must consider those electric offset smokers which are available with a digital control system or a simple dial thermometer. The best electric offset smokers for beginners can be handled easily with the digital controller. The charcoal smokers need a different setting for maintaining the heat and temperature. The temperature must be appropriately controlled to get the best smokey flavor in the meat. If there is a fluctuation of temperature, no control of intake, and exhaust dampers, it may burn or damage the food. It would help if you considered the electric offset smokers that have easy and proper temperature control.

Apart from this if you want to know about the Best Custom Offset Smoker then visit our Best offset smoker Reviews category.


You can check the best electric offset smokers on the market within your budget. Buy the best electric offset smoker that is according to your requirement. You can cook the food according to your desire to get the tasty BBQ, fantastic aroma, and best smokey flavor in this large cooking space.

  • Camp Chef is the best overall electric offset smoker, and you can cook different styles of food (pizza, burgers, BBQ, fish, ribs, etc.) by using this offset smoker. It is also portable, has Wifi connectivity, is the best PID controller, and is easy to clean. I recommend this offset smoker due to its fantastic design and best-producing taste.
  • Using this SAKEE electric offset smoker, you can cook delicious food with amazing texture and flavor. I recommend this electric offset smoker to beginners and small gatherings; it has the best PID controller, large cooking space, and good pellet loading space in the hopper. It has a beautiful design, and you can do an easy BBQ with your friends and family.
  • MFSTUDIO is an 8-in-1 electric offset smoker with good cooking space in the main cooking chamber. It has a large electric cord for power with a PID controller. In this offset smoker design, a side handle with S shape hooks is present to hang up the accessories and utensils. It has cool-touch handles, which are a safe grip while cooking food. There is a drainage system, and you can remove the grease from the drain bucket with ease. I recommend this electric offset smoker, as it is safe to use and portable, has large cooking and extra space, an extra mounted thermometer gauge for temperature measurement, and especially an advanced pellet feed system.
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