7 Best Commercial Offset Smokers 2023

Do you want to know which commercial smoker is best? Or do you want to purchase the smoker with all the qualities you need but are still confused about taking one? Are you looking for a BBQ smoker with good attributes and reasonable prices? We have reviewed the top 7 commercial BBQ smokers and discussed their qualities and cost. This review will help you make the right decision.

Cooking is an essential part of our life, and also everyone likes to eat delicious and fantastic food, but it’s not easy to prepare a large amount of food. People use different methods to make food that might be easy or tough. Smokers can help people and make cooking easy for them. Cooking at a commercial level is tough, but it becomes convenient by using the best commercial offset smokers that provide you with a massive amount of food and with great smoky flavors in a short time. You can buy the best one from anywhere and make smoking easier on a large scale.

Our Top Picks

Best Overall: Dyna-Glo Commercial Offset Smoker

  • Provide ample cooking space.
  • Temperature gauge with smoked zone indicator.
  • More efficient in its work.
  • Food comes out awesomely and has delicious flavors.

Best Space : Oklahoma Joe’s Offset Smoker

  • Easy to assemble.
  • Highly durable and reliable.
  • Provide a large area for cooking.
  • Hard large-sized charcoal basket and high capacity ash pan.

Best Quality Wise: Royal Gourmet Smoker

  • Provide high-quality performance.
  • Unique handles to open smoker’s lids.
  • It has tables and hooks to keep your accessories near.
  • Multiple dampers and smokestack control heat and smoke. 

Comparison table:

Name  Price Cooking Area(sq inches) Material Temp Guage Weight (lb) Fuel Type Key Features
Dyna-Glo Check Price   1890  Steel   YES    83   Charcoal/
Temperature gauge, Ample cooking space.  
Joe’s longhorn reverse flow smoker 
Check Price   1060     Heavy gauge steel   YES   226    Charcoal/
 Large cooking area, Traditional offset smoking, Pre-installed baffle plates. 
Royal Gourmet   Check Price   1188    Alloy steel   YES   3.3   Charcoal/
 Ample storage and cooking space, Large size charcoal pan, 2-in-1 Durable wheels.
Char-Broil Oklahoma Joe’s Highland Check Price 900  Steel  YES   176   Charcoal/
 Cool-touch handles Easily cleanable grates, Convenient front shelf, Smokestack to heat control. 
 Char Griller E1224 offset smoker Check Price 830 Steel   YES   113    Charcoal/
Traditional charcoal grill, Solid construction, Long-lasting color with powder-coated finishing.   
Broil King Regal Check Price 625 Steel    YES  186   Charcoal/
Temperature gauge, Easy cleanout system, Accessible charcoal tray.
Dyna-Glo signature series  Check Price 1382 Heavy gauge steel   YES 124.3   Charcoal/
 Sausage hooks, Unique cool-touch spring handles, Analog temperature gauge, Removable ash pan.

Top 7 Commercial Offset Smokers

1. Dyna-Glo: Wide Body Commercial Offset Smoker

Dyna-Glo: Wide Body Commercial Offset Smoker

Dyna-Glo wide body offset smoker is the best offset smoker for commercial use. Its total cooking area is 1890 square inches. This smoker has admirable features with low price than all other its competitors available in the market. Due to its wide body and large size, it occupies ample space.

Its cooking chamber contains six cooking racks that are not fixed. These chrome-plated racks are adjustable and have a capacity of 25 pounds per rack. It is wholly constructed with solid steel material and cleaning of this smoker is effortless. An easily readable temperature gauge on the front door checks the temperature level to get perfectly smoked food. You can achieve up to 275 degrees Fahrenheit temperature by using this smoker, and it holds that temperature very well during all your seasoning period.

Being an offset smoker, it has its firebox on the side, due to which heat does not reach directly to your food, so heat and smoke delivered to your cooking chamber are equal throughout the chamber. You can use wood chips or chunks to give different smoke flavors to your smoked meat, fish, and vegetables.

This smoker features a unique charcoal and ash management system with a special charcoal chamber and an ash pan with great capacity. You can enjoy seasoning for many hours without the tension of cleaning it. The doors of the smoker have the feature of a pre-installed seal which stops the heat loss and improves smoking efficiency.

This smoker also has handles on its doors shown in the figure for easy opening of the chamber. It does not have wheels, so it isn’t easy to move it, but two persons may carry it by holding it from its side handles. It is a great smoker with high-quality performance in the low range and good seasoning flavors.


  • Ample cooking space with six adjusting racks.
  • It has a temperature gauge to check temperature levels.
  • Smoked food by using this smoker is well seasoned and has excellent taste.
  • It is not as expensive as other offset smokers available in the market.


  • The portability of this smoker from one place to another is not easy because it does not have wheels.

Final Verdict:

The wide-body vertical offset smoker is the best commercial smoker due to its unique features and excellent performance at a low price. It provides ample cooking space, is easy to smoke with; it gives delicious flavors to food.  

2. Oklahoma Joe’s Longhorn-Reverse Flow Commercial Offset Smoker

Oklahoma Joe's Longhorn-Reverse Flow Commercial Offset Smoker

OklahomaJoe’s longhorn reverse flow smoker is also another good commercial smoker. The most versatile and uniquely designed smoker provides a large smoking surface. The main cooking chamber has a 751 square inches area, and the cooking area provided by the firebox is 309 square inches, so this item has 1060 total square inches where you can cook a large amount of food. The firebox is attached on the side, and heat does not directly reach your food due to offset functionality, resulting in well-smoked BBQ.

Cooking by using this smoker becomes more accessible due to its simplicity, and smoked food has a lovely taste and flavor. This smoker is made up of high-quality material of steel with excellent finishing. Cleaning of smokers is required before and after use which might be a difficult process. This difficulty becomes resolved because cleaning this great gadget of Oklahoma is quite simple and easy. The whole body of the smoker is constructed with steel that increases its durability and makes it long-lasting. You can use it for several years.

This smoker contains a series of four easily removable baffles. Also, has multiple dampers and smokestack locations to control heat and smoke coming from the firebox. Cooking grates provided in this smoker are porcelain coated and removable for cleaning. The door of the main cooking chamber and the firebox have handles for opening the sections to protect your hand from burning due to heat. The handle on the opposite side of the firebox is also helpful to move it from one place to another by holding it from there.

The smoker also has the facility to keep your things nearby. Temperature gauge helps you monitor and set your desired temperature. You can adjust this temperature according to your requirements. An exceptionally designed offset smoker is preferable to use commercially or at large parties and family get-togethers.


  • Provide a large area to smoke plenty of food.
  • It has many dampers to control the flow of heat and smoke from the Firebox towards the main cooking chamber.
  • For easy removal of ash, it has a removable ash pan.
  • It has wheels to make its portability easier from one place to another.
  • Handles are on both doors for easy opening.


  •  Smoke and heat may leak across the lids of the offset box and grill.
  • It is expensive.

Final Verdict:

Oklahoma Joe’s longhorn reverses flow offset smoker is reliable and durable. It is easy to clean. It provides ample cooking space by facilitating you with four porcelain-plated shelves and has many dampers to control your smoke and heat to get good food flavors.

3. Royal Gourmet- Charcoal Grill Offset Smoker

Royal Gourmet- Charcoal Grill Offset Smoker

Royal Gourmet Charcoal Grill offset smoker originated from China provides you the experience of smoking and grilling simultaneously. This smoker is unique and relatively easy to use with cooking racks that are not fixed. It provides 1188 square inches of cooking area with three adjustable shelves. One of those is a porcelain enameled steel wire cooking rack with a capacity of 654 square inches. The other is a chrome-plated warming rack with 267 square inches. The warming rack keeps your food warm for more time—also 267 square inches of area in the firebox.

The charcoal pan has three adjustable height levels. Stainless steel temperature gauge provides a clear view of temperature level and is used to maintain the temperature required to use. It’s pretty easy to use, and you will feel like a chef or hobbyist while using it due to its simplicity.

This versatile grill offset smoker provides the facility of two tables, one on the side and the other in front of the smoker, where you can prepare your food with integrated S-shaped hooks used to place your accessories while grilling. Ample storage space is also available in this item between its stands, where you put all your essentials and accessories.

This offset smoker has an easy access side door to remove ash and add more charcoal or wood, as fuel. Sometimes if you need to refuel your smoker for extra smoking time, you can add more wood /charcoal from this side door. Handles save your hand from burning. It is facilitated by two durable wheels for movement.


  • Provides you the experience of smoking and grilling at the same time.
  • Have long-staying power because it is constructed with high-quality, durable steel material.
  • It provides two tables and a prominent storage place to keep your accessories and food.
  • Provide side access door to add charcoal or remove ash.
  • Available at a reasonable price.


  • It’s pretty tricky to use, so be active and careful while using it; otherwise, your food may burn.
  • It might be difficult to clean this smoker.

Final Verdict:

Royal gourmet charcoal grill offset smoker is a mainly offset smoker by which you can smoke or grill simultaneously with ample cooking space. It provides the facility of temperature gauge for temperature maintenance, a side table that helps in the preparation of food, and also durable wheels for easy transportation.

4. Dyna-Glo Signature Series-Vertical Commercial Offset Smoker

Dyna-Glo Signature Series-Vertical Commercial Offset Smoker

Dyna-Glo signature series vertical offset charcoal smoker provides durability, performance, and versatility and a large cooking area of up to 1382 square inches. This heavy gauge steel smoking chamber features five chrome-plated cooking grates of 17 inches in diameter to accommodate a variety of food. They are removable and have adjustable height to increase cooking space for food of various sizes. It also facilitates pre-installed chrome-plated sausage hooks that provide you additional cooking flexibility.

This multifunctional smoker has the facility of both offset smoking and grilling. A professional-grade stainless steel temperature gauge mounted on the cooking chamber’s lid is used to maintain your required temperature. This temperature gauge features a smoke zone and barbeque, indicating the ideal temperature range for infusing the perfect smoke flavors. The temperature range of this smoker is from 50F to 450F. A smokestack also maintains the temperature and heat of the actual cooking chamber on the top.

Cool touch spring handles on both firebox and cooking chamber provide you safe access to your food because they remain unaffected by internal temperature and heat, saving your hands from being burned. You can easily open the lid of the offset firebox and cooking chamber without any fear of burning by internal heat.

This commercial smoker offers a removable charcoal grate that you can see in the diagram to provide easy access to fuel your smoker. The side access charcoal tray minimizes the heat loss that you often experience when refueling other offset smokers because you have to open their lid or door to add more fuel to them. It has ample capacity to add more charcoal for more time.

You can also add wood chunks or wood chips instead of charcoal to fuel your smoker. Easily removable pan provides you hassle-free cleaning of ash. Although it is a large-sized smoker, it has high stability because of its two oversized heavy wheels. Wheels are also helpful in relocating this heavily weighted offset smoker that weighs 124.3 pounds.

This smoker is perfect for commercial use due to its unique features, including a large cooking area. If you take care, you can use it for a long time because of its solid construction. The main thing about this smoker is its affordable price range. This multi-functional smoker is available at low cost than all other competitors with such features.


  • Easy and straightforward to use.
  • Cool-touch spring handles to open the door quickly.
  • Side access removable charcoal tray and ash pan with large capacity.
  • It provides ample space to cook a variety of meals.
  • Easily readable temperature gauge with indicated smoke zone and grill zone.


  • It does not have real thick steel construction.
  • Loading up racks might be complex because they are only 5 inches apart.

Final Verdict:

Dyna- Glo signature series vertical offset commercial smoker makes it easy for professionals to smoke meat, chicken, vegetables, fish, and many other dishes on a large scale. It provides an ample cooking space with five adjustable racks and a side access door for refueling and quick disposal of ash.       

5. Char-Broil Oklahoma Joe’s Highland – Outdoor Offset Smoker 

Char-Broil Oklahoma Joe's Highland - Outdoor Offset Smoker

Oklahoma Joe’s Highland offset smoker for smoking and BBQ purposes provides a total cooking area of 900 square inches. The main cooking chamber offers 619 square inches and 281 square inches in the attached firebox, weighing 176 lbs.

As it is an offset smoker, the food is not affected by direct heat because direct heat can burn or rust your food and offset functionality prevents it. It also has an easy access side door, making it convenient to add more chips or remove ash from the firebox by simply removing the ash pan from the smoker, and there is no need to open the chamber lid. This temperature gauge mounted on the lid chamber provides excellent, readable values for temperature monitoring. Also, the smoker has cool-touch handles, so you can hold them easily to open the door of smokers. This saves your hand from burning or any heat effect.

Porcelain-coated cooking racks are used to smoke food with solid material, increasing their performance efficiency. They show resistance against rust and can be easily cleaned. The smoker also offers a table in front of its main cooking chamber, which helps keep your accessories or utensils near. It has a digital arc to the temperature, used for precise temperature control. It is a lightweight smoker, and you can carry it wherever you go and is used commercially. Food smoked by this particular smoker has perfect taste and loveable flavor.

The mobility of this smoker is not accessible due to its large size and heavyweight. So it isn’t easy to replace it or carry it with you for outdoor smoking purposes. There are two wheels and an aside handle to hold and quickly move it to overcome this difficulty. This gadget has four legs that help to stand. It is available in different colors, but I like its black color because it presents an eye-catching look and is more attractive.


  • A temperature control arc is present.
  • It provides two shelves to keep your accessories near.
  • Smoke food by using this smoker flavored well.
  • It has several dampers and smokestacks to control smoke and heat flow.


  • It is expensive.
  • You have to face the difficulty of cleaning while using this smoker.

Final Verdict:

Oklahoma Joe’s, constructed with highly steel durable material, is suitable for outdoor smoking or commercially smoking purposes because of its size and easy portability. It has four legs, is easier to clean, provides a shelf for keeping accessories near while smoking.

6. Char Griller E1224 Smokin Pro- Commercial Smoker For Professional Use

Char Griller E1224 Smokin Pro- Commercial Smoker For Profe

Char-Griller is one of the best commercially used smokers that provides a traditional charcoal grill with a side firebox for Texas-style barbecue. It is highly durable because of its heavy-gauge powder-coated steel construction. One thing I found best about it was the powder-coated finishing that makes its color long-lasting and heat resistant. Due to its heavy-duty solid construction, it can be used for long time which is one of the reasons for using it at the commercial level. Another reason for its commercial use is its large cooking area, as it provides 830 square inches of cooking area, including 580 square inches of the cooking chamber and 250 square inches of space in the side firebox.

The cooking area is made up of cast iron to provide equal and even heat to your food for giving an excellent sear to dishes that you cook. The nonstick and rust-free grates of the offset firebox are to smoke food without burning. The temperature gauge is used to check and balance the internal temperature and heat. An adjustable fire grate also helps to provide you with the temperature you desire. You can move the fire grate up or down to achieve your required temperature and keep your food warm.

This smoker is mainly used for large parties and restaurants, but you can also use it for your family gathering and enjoy grid seasoning, grilling, and smoking with your family and friends. This smoker offers extra storage space that will help during your cooking process. Storage space includes two wooden shelves shown in the diagram. The side wood table comes with 2 S-shaped hooks. Shelve between smokers leg is used for keeping your utensils and other things. Wooden handles are convenient to keep an eye on your food.

Removable charcoal drawers and ashpan trays make it more convenient to use and easy to clean. Users can add coals and do not need to remove the tray entirely. Ashes can be removed by removing the ashpan. Additional features of this offset smoker include heavy wheels attached with two legs opposite the firebox’s side for easy transport. So no worries about moving this unique smoker. It’s costly, but it will be a superb purchase considering its outstanding features and unique design.


  • Highly durable because of heavy-duty steel construction and rust-free cast iron cooking grates for even heating.
  • Easily cleaning and heavy wheels to make transportation easy.
  • Provide a large cooking area and extra storage space.
  • It has long-lasting colors due to powder-coated finishing.
  • Adjustable fire grate to give heat control.


  • Difficult to assemble it for one person.
  • You can’t exceed 400 degrees Fahrenheit inside the grill. Otherwise, the paint may start peeling.

Final Verdict:

Char-griller is a steel-built smoker that has significant space for cooking with rust-free cooking grates and facilitates you with its great features along with flavors. It is easily moveable, highly durable, easy to clean, and smoked food has good taste.

7. Broil King Offset Smoker: Innovative And Durable Commercial Smoker

Broil King Offset Smoker: Innovative And Durable Commercial Smoker

Broil King Regal offset charcoal smoker is one of the distinctive and tremendous smokers available in the market. The latest body of the smoker is made up of highly durable steel material. Its innovative technology includes the temperature gauge to maintain heat and temperature to produce the required smoke amount. 

You can smoke, bake, and barbecue by using this smoker. The maximum temperature attained by this smoker is 800 degrees Fahrenheit which you can easily read on the temperature gauge available with a smoker. It provides 625 square inches of the surface for cooking enough to smoke food on a large scale. It consists of a heavy-duty grid of iron material to grill your food and quickly remove it from the smoker. 

Broil King’s smoker comes with an easily accessible charcoal tray placed in a large side cooking chamber and has a great facility of a grid in the firebox. When the desired temperature is reached, put your food on cooking grids.

Handles on doors are made up of high-quality stainless steel so that you can open smoker’s doors without any hassle or tension of burning hands. The smokestack of Broil King smoker is like a chimney, damper technology used for the air vent, and the perfect flow of smoke and heat. Remove ash during smoking from the side door by efficiently removing the ashpan.

This offset smoker from broil king facilitates the preparation of your food by its front shelf where you can prepare your food for smoking or place your accessories. It also has a prominent storage place between its stands which might be helpful for you to keep your luggage there if you are doing outdoor smoking. It does not occupy ample space. Due to its durable wheels, you can move it quickly. 


  • It has a more versatile grilling system.
  • Ash cleanout system of this smoker is excellent.
  • Provide the facility of tables to hold your accessories.
  • Stainless Steel material used in handles.


  • The paint will burn off quickly.
  • Its weight is heavy.

Final Verdict:

Uniquely designed broil King offset smoker is among top commercial smokers due to its average size, excellent cleaning system, and readable temperature gauge for maintenance for temperature.

Buying Guide For Commercial Offset Smoker:

There are several numbers of products available in the market for smoking. No doubt all of these products are good quality wise and contain more features, but no product in this world can be perfectly alright and can fulfill all the requirements of its users. At this point, it becomes challenging to choose one product from them. You have to set some parameters to select a single product from all available products.

Similarly, in purchasing a commercial smoker used for smoking, you must consider some specific properties. You can find out the best commercial smoker that can fulfill your needs. Here we have given some parameters that can help you to decide which commercial smoker will be best for you.

Finalize your budget:

First of all, you have to get your budget by which it becomes clear how much money do you have? Within what range do you want to make purchasing of smokers? Which capacity is affordable for you? All these things become apparent when you specify your budget.


How much food can the smoker make at once? How much cooking area does it provide? For commercial purposes, you should choose a smoker with a large capacity to smoke a massive amount of food.


Before purchasing, you should decide your requirements and needs. You should know about the purpose of purchasing a smoker, whether you will buy it for outdoor or indoor smoking. It will help you to decide the best market for you.


While purchasing a smoker for commercial use, you must check the reliability of the smoker. You should know how durable it is? When you know about its staying power, you can become confident about your purchase and become relaxed by thinking it is a significant investment.

Apart from this if you are interested to know about Best Charcoal Offset Smokers then visited our Best offset smoker Reviews category.


Here are a few suggestions from my personal experience for you that might be helpful for you to make the right decision.

  • The Dyna-Glo vast body offset commercial smoker is a large smoker that provides cooking space and temperature gauge with indicated smokes zone and is highly durable. It’s pretty expensive, but it’s less priced than all its competitors.
  • Oklahoma Joe’s Longhorn reverse flow smoker is reliable and easy to use. It provides an ample cooking space with high insulation and stainless steel, also it is easy to clean and available at a suitable price with extraordinary features.
  • The Royal Gourmet offset smoker is most suitable for commercial smoking. This multi-purpose item provides you grilling and smoking experience simultaneously with high durability.
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